Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Mando gets the golden apples” #EP15

Ramadan Karim 😀

And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando. 

But first, take some time and read this report from the Emirati National on why the sun never sets off the One Thousand and One Nights book. 

Let’s refresh your memory with last night’s episode.

Second, here is the 15th night of our nights this year which is the 477th episode of the “One Thousand and One Nights” Radio show.


As the court of King Kahlan, Princess Wardshan and the Vizier waited in anticipation, Hando nervously entered.

The King ordered him to reveal the golden apples, and Hando, with trembling hands, unveiled the basket to reveal that it contained only garbage instead of precious fruits.

The King was enraged at this insult, for it was the second time it had happened.

Demanding to know Hando's identity, the young man told the truth - that he was Hando, the brother of Shando, and that they were garbage collectors like their father.

This only fueled the King's fury further, and he demanded to know who had sent them. Hando insisted that no one had, but the King ordered him to be imprisoned and tortured until he confessed.

Later, King Kahlan confided in his wife that he suspected Prince Washimer to be behind the insults. The King and Queen wanted their daughter to marry instead of waiting for the myth of the three golden apples.

A year later, Tanabal reminded Mando of his responsibilities at the stable. Mando agreed, but he quickly returned home. There, he discovered that the dead tree in their backyard had come back to life, bearing three golden apples.

Once again the golden apples tree as imagined by Adobe Firefly
Once again the golden apples tree as imagined by Adobe Firefly 

This was his chance to present the apples to the King and ask for Princess Wardshan's hand in marriage.

Despite his parents' objections and fears for his safety, Mando took the basket and his mother's scarf to cover it and set off to the palace. Tomorrow, inshallah, they will know if Mando succeeds where his brothers had failed.

Here is the episode televised.

Till tomorrow night inshallah.

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