Monday, September 11, 2023

Happy New Ancient Egyptian Year 6265 from Thoth

Today, on 9/11, we're kicking off the New Ancient Egyptian Year 6265 as per the Gregorian calendar. It's also the start of the Thout month.

The Ancient Egyptian calendar had a close connection to agriculture and the changing seasons.

That's why Thout marked the beginning of the Season of Akhet or flood season a crucial time for farming.

But, there's something else happening as Thout begins. Ethiopia just announced that the government finished filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) reservoir on Sunday. This news has left many Egyptians feeling uncertain about what the future holds. The Egyptian government has been vocal in expressing concerns about this, but they haven't shared a clear plan with the public.

In an effort to keep things light and informative, I'll do my best to strike that balance in this post.

Anyhow, on this special occasion, I'd like to share a photo of a statue surrounded by small statuettes

This is the statue of the ancient Egyptian deity Thoth as a sitting ibis.

Statue of ancient Egyptian deity Thoth as an Ibis
Thoth statue at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo

I found the statue in 2016 at Gallery No.19 on the Upper Floor of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. Gallery No.19 is dedicated to the ancient Egyptian deities 

Thoth was credited with creating the art of writing, inventing the calendar, and controlling space and time. 

The ancient Egyptians named Thoth after Thoth, the deity credited for creating time and days. 

As we welcome the New Ancient Egyptian Year 6265, I extend my heartfelt wishes for a year filled with happiness and prosperity, not only for Egypt but for the entire world, inshallah.

Regardless of what we see now, we should strive for a better world.

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