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Gaza War: Israeli Army kills Mohamed El-Dora’s brother in Gaza 23 years later "Graphic"

On Thursday, the news came from Gaza to the world. The Israeli shelling killed Mohamed El-Dora’s brother.

Gamal El-Dora saying farewell to his son Ahmed El-Dora who was killed by Israeli shelling in Al-Buriej camp
Gamal El-Dora said farewell on Friday to his son Ahmed El-Dora who was
killed the day before by Israeli shelling in Al-Buriej camp 

In case you do not know who Mohamed El-Dora was or you forgot who he was here is a short reminder of yet another war crime committed by the world’s most moral army.

In 2000, the Israeli occupation forces opened fire on a civilian man and his son killing the 12-year-old boy despite the pleas of his father at Salah El-Din Street in middle Gaza during the second intifada. 

Gamal and Mohamed El-Dora in Gaza in 2000
The iconic shot that has been etched into Arab memory and 
shaped a whole generation, my generation 

The whole incident which took place for 26 minutes was caught on camera by the AFP photographer and videographer Talal Abu Rahma.

The video turned Mohamed El-Dora, a father of ten children into an iconic martyr symbol of the second intifada as well as the child martyr of Palestine. The scream of his father, Gamal when he knew that his son was killed “The boy is dead” turned the Arab world upside down.

On Thursday, Gamal El-Dora tragically lost another son, Ahmed, who was killed along with 21 others in an Israeli army shelling that targeted the Bureij Refugee Camp.

Located in Central Gaza, the UNRWA refugee camp established in 1949 for the displaced Palestinians from Beer Sheeba or Beir Saba has been under heavy shelling for the past weeks.

According to El-Dora, most of the family sought safety in Rafah after their house was destroyed in an Israeli shelling in October.

However, upon learning that his uncle’s wife had been killed in a shelling that targeted their building on 17 January, Ahmed returned to the camp. He managed to recover the body of his uncle’s wife, only to be killed himself and join her and other family members in death on 18 January, all within less than 24 hours.

“There is no safe place in Gaza” said the old El-Dora telling the people that every martyr in Gaza is a new Mohamed El-Dora.

By the way, the lady crying beside him is his wife and his boy's mother Amal aka Um Eyad.

Gamal El-Dora had already lost two brothers in this war in its early days.

On 16 October, El-Dora’s name was back in the news when he was filmed farewell to his two brothers Nael and Eyad who were killed by an Israeli shelling.

Gamal El-Dora saying good bye to his brothers Nael and Eyad in  October in Gaza
Gamal El-Dora saying goodbye to his brothers Nael and Eyad in 
October in Gaza 

"Reserve a place for me beside you." His words, spoken while standing over their bodies to bid them farewell, became yet another unforgettable quote in this war.

On 18 October, he lost about 8 cousins, and his house was destroyed in another Israeli shelling.

On 2 January, he lost a group of his relatives including children in yet another Israeli shelling. Those relatives followed the Israeli orders to seek a place only to be killed while eating supper. 

"Where are the human rights? where is the United Nations? Every day kids are killed, their bodies on the streets. It is a criminal terrorist silent world while we are killed by an American British Zionist hand" Gamal Al-Dora said on 3 January that he bedded farewell to that group of relatives in a video filmed by Palestinian journalist Hazem Abu Hamid.

"Every martyr I see, I see Mohamed El-Dora," he tells Abu Hamid.

In this war, Gamal El-Dora relived that moment in September 2000 again and again whether when it comes to his family as he lost about 55 family members so far or in general.

Gamal and Amal El-Dora had other 9 children besides Mohamed including Eyad “the eldest”, Adam, Ahmed, Mahmoud, Younger Mohamed, Mutassim, Basma and two other girls

Basma El-Dora was not yet born when her brother Mohamed El-Dora was killed by an Israeli sniper in the arms of her father Gamal at the peak of the second intifada 2000.

In the 2010s, she asked her mother Amal El-Dora aka Um Eyad about what she felt when she heard the news of his martyrdom in that way.

I felt like a sharp flaming knife stabbing the heart, once when the news circulated among the public and you hear the words { her young boy is killed}, the second when I saw him sleeping silently and did not smile nor speak and the third time is when I embraced his old lifeless body, here my heart is dead and it won’t be alive again except when he returns in the afterlife” Um Eyad told her daughter who shared it on her Facebook account.

Um Eyad has not forgotten Mohamed once despite two years after his murder, she gave birth to a boy whom they called Mohamed after him.

Amal has a big landscape painting with his photo in her living room. She visits Mohamed’s tomb every year at the old Bureij cemetery.

Mrs Amal El-Dora visiting Mohamed's grave at the old Bureij cemetery in Gaza
Mrs Amal El-Dora visiting Mohamed's grave
at the old Bureij cemetery in Gaza "Basma El-Dora"

Mohamed El-Dora is buried at the same cemetery where the Egyptian soldiers who were killed in Gaza had been buried.

Mohamed El-Dora's grave at Old Buriej Cemetry in Gaza "Amal El-Dora"
Mohamed El-Dora's grave at Old Buriej Cemetry in Gaza
"Amal El-Dora"

It remains unclear whether the old Bureij cemetery was desecrated and destroyed by the Israeli army, similar to the fate of the new Bureij cemetery and other cemeteries in Gaza, as reported by CNN.

Um, Eyad and her husband Gamal continued raising their other nine children. They were blessed by having a bunch of adorable grandchildren whom I am praying for their safety and nothing bad happened to them or their parents or their grandparents. All the Dora brothers are in Gaza except one, Adam who is working abroad.

Mohamed El-Dora became an icon of children's martyrdom not only in Palestine but in the whole Arab world. His cold-blooded murder caught on camera turned the Arab world upside down.

Yet unfortunately, after 23 years, over 10,000 Palestinian children are killed in real-time in front of the camera and the Arab World does not move a bit as it should.

Mahmoud Abbas, the cartoonist made this cartoon representing 
how many Arabs received the news of the killing of Mohamed El-Dora's brother

Despite Israeli media machine did not leave Mohamed El-Dora alone as it tried to prove in all ways his murder was fake and staged yet it backed fire.

The Zionist media claimed that Mohamed El-Dora was alive by showing his other bother, the younger Mohamed photos and videos!! Gamal El-Dora had to stop the nonsense by declaring that he was ready to exhume his son’s body in front of the whole world.

So-called Nationalist Saudi accounts on Twitter that cheered for the murder of Gamal Khashoggi and currently “that some turned not to be Saudi after all” promoted the naturalization of the relation between Israel and the Kingdom mocked the murder of El-Dora but unfortunately, it backfired on them.

Mohamed El-Dora, born in 1988 and killed in 2000 by the Israeli army
Mohamed El-Dora, born in 1988 and killed in 2000 by the Israeli army

The Israeli military has not forgotten really about Mohamed El-Dora. Among the early targets of the Israeli army in Gaza before the ground invasion was Martyr Mohamed El-Dora Pediatric Hospital at Salah El-Din Street. It was bombed by white phosphorus on 13 October.

All the patients had to be evacuated to Naser-Rantisi Children's Hospital following that shelling and the hospital was closed and out of service. The patients would have to evacuate Nasr-Rantisi Children Hospital nearly a month later by the orders of the Israeli army that shelled it day and night with its own record of war crimes committed there.

Established in 2000 right after his murder, Mohamed El-Dora Pediatric Hospital follows the Palestinian Health Ministry. It serves the areas of Al-Shuja’iya, Al-Sha’af, Al-Daraj, Al-Zaytoun and Al-Tuffah. All those areas witnessed huge shelling, forced displacement and fighting.

On another strange coincidence, Mohamed El-Dora’s body was transferred to none other than Al-Shifa Hospital on that unforgettable day in September 2000.

Martyr Mohamed El-Dora school in Khan Younis was also attacked earlier in January. Israeli tanks were besieging the schools limiting no injured leave to receive treatment. At least five people from one family were killed then.

Salah El-Din Street where El-Dora was killed has been witnessing an endless series of war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces as they kill unarmed civilians leaving their bodies to rot for days.

On 10 January the IOF bombed a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance killing its 4 volunteer medics at Salah El-Din Road or street in Deir El-Balah. 

The medics collecting the remains of their colleagues from Salah El-Din street 

The 4 medics' names are Fouad Abou Khamash, Youssef Abou Momar, Fady Al-Maany and Islam Abu Rayala.

The ambulance carrying the 4 medics after the shelling

Every martyr is a new Mohamed El-Dora

“Every martyr is Mohamed El-Dora”

The cold-blooded murder of Palestinian unarmed civilians is now recorded by cameras like every day and yet no one is taking action to stop this ongoing genocide. 

British ITV camera in Gaza the killing of a 51-year-old unarmed Palestinian man carrying a white flag by an Israeli army sniper in what was supposed to be a safe zone in Khan Younes. The man was trying to find his mother to take her to safety. 

This man's name was Ramzy Abu Sahloul.

Mohamed El-Dora’s murder was remembered in particular earlier this month when many Arabs saw a similarity between it and the coldblooded murder of a father and his toddler daughter at Al-Shati Refugees Camp.

On 2 January, the Doha-based Al-Araby TV channel aired exclusive graphic footage showing the father and his toddler daughter as they were shot down by an Israeli snipper. The father was carrying a bottle of milk as it seemed.

It is not the only incident in this war that reminds you of what happened to Gamal and Mohamed El-Dora. It was like the tip of an iceberg. 

On 5 January, Palestinian Journalist Hani Abu Rezq filmed how a Palestinian boy was shot and fell out of his bicycle to be under the mercy of the Israeli army’s bullets till he made it safely according to Abu Rezq.

On 1 January, the first day of the year, a Palestinian unarmed civilian was killed or rather shelled on camera. He was following the orders of the IOF to head to the safe zone. 

That civilian’s brother and cousin tried to save him only to be shelled and killed too.

On 18 December, a Palestinian young lady recorded on her mobile phone how Palestinian men saved a grandfather called Hatem after he was shot by an Israeli sniper in the street. Two weeks earlier, his grandson was so also killed by an Israeli sniper but did not make it. 

Mr Hatem was transferred to Al-Ahli Hospital aka Baptist Hospital just as the Israeli army stormed it. He is believed to have been arrested. His family lost contact with him now.

On 4 December, Palestinian photographer Motaz Aziaza filmed how a mother and a daughter escaped the shelling of an Israeli tank at Salah El-Din Street.

In a shocking video that found its way to Middle East Eye on 8 January, we found that an old civilian unarmed Palestinian was shot by an Israeli sniper while she was holding the hand of a little boy who held a white flag.

It turned out that this video was filmed on 12 November when a group of displaced Palestinians from the North was on its way to the South per the instruction of the Israeli Occupation Army.

Mrs. Hala Abdel-Aty, the first woman in the group and a veteran Arabic teacher at the Holy Family Catholic School, was shot down by an Israeli soldier. At the time, she was holding the hand of her 4-year-old grandson, Tim Abdel-Aty who was carrying a white piece of cloth as a white flag.

Tim and his grandma when they 
celebrated his second birthday

The old grandma asked Tim to escape before she died. 

Tim's 5th birthday was on 5th January. 

Tim is currently with his uncle Mohamed Kharis who was getting ready to get engaged right before the war. Now he lost his mother and cares for his nephew who does not know where his mom, dad and brother have gone.

As the video went viral, some Western accounts that she was shot down by Hamas fighters which is untrue according to her son Mohamed and according to the fact that there were Israeli tanks on the scene but did not appear in the video.

Her son Mohamed buried her in her parents’ backyard.

Just the day before her murder, she had been devastated by the loss of 10 members of her friends’ family.

The following day, when Israeli forces bombed the Mahdi Maternity Hospital in West Gaza, Hala’s brother’s house nearby suffered severe damage. Consequently, they were forced to undertake the perilous journey south.

Palestinians are not the only ones documenting their own people being killed in cold blood by the Israeli army. Israeli soldiers themselves have begun to publish videos that show them targeting Palestinians, using drones to kill them on the spot

This video was reportedly published by an Israeli soldier named Guy Biton on TikTok, according to Palestinian Younes Tirawi. As soon as the video, with the TikTok ID number 7319237333092470023, began to go viral in the Arab world, Biton deleted it. However, Tirawi managed to download a copy.

Biton also uploaded another video on 25 December showing him in what appears to be an Israeli Air Forces uniform, identifiable by its colour and insignia.

Based on the sergeant’s shoulder tag from Beer Sheba, it seems his air base is South Israel’s Ovda Airbase. He was feeling tired then and wondering when it would be over as he had been in service since 21 October. 

There are too many Mohamed El-Doras of all ages and genders in this war for real. 

By the way, if you want to know how bad the Israeli shelling that targeted El-Doras or the Palestinians in general then you must see one of the shelling survivors. She was injured in another refugee camp "Nuseirat camp".  "Extremely graphic"

 This young lady is Asmaa El-Dora, and you can see in that extremely graphic video, that she lost nearly half of her face.

Asmaa is going to receive treatment abroad. 

Maybe, if the world interfered to make sure that Gamal El-Dora got justice for his son’s cold-blooded murder and held the Israeli army responsible for real in 2000, we would not have 7 October 2023.

There was no ceasefire before 7 October.

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