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Gaza Genocide in 100 Days: The world’s epic failure won’t be forgotten or forgiven "Updated"

Sunday marked the 100th day since the start of Israel’s bloodiest war on Gaza. Yes, we are on day 103 but it feels like 102 years for Palestinians in Gaza as well as many Arabs across the world.

Now we have the following numbers that speak alone about what has been achieved so far. These numbers I noticed did not make it to global mainstream media as usual. 

Reports speaking about the Israeli war as one of the most destructive in recent history do not make it to TV despite they are reports made by news agencies like AP.

In Gaza, children carry their baby siblings to the grave

US President Joe Biden issued a statement for this occasion, but it was only about the Israeli captives ignoring the fact that over 23,000 human beings were killed.

I hope the remaining Israeli captives return home safe and survive the Israeli strikes. Still, the matter is beyond them to the level of any sort of justification for this ongoing genocide is immoral and inhumane.

There were 23,843 Palestinians killed in those hundred days. 

That number represents those who reached the hospitals including 10,400 children and 7,100 women.

A little child was killed at one of the hospitals in Gaza on day 100 
by Hamdan Dahdouh

There are 30,843 missing people including those who are still under the rubble.

"Amr and Osama are still under the rubble" says the message on 
what could be a roof or wall of some house in Gaza in late November

45 civil defence members were killed.

114 journalists have been killed. This is the highest number of journalists killed in any conflict so far since WWII taking into consideration we are speaking about direct targeting.

There are 60,317 injured Palestinians, and 6,200 of them require treatment abroad to save their lives.

Only 707 injured Palestinians were allowed by Israel to travel abroad to receive treatment through Egypt by day 100.

There are 400,000 Palestinians, especially children, who were infected by infectious diseases because of displacement and lack of clean water as well as medicine.

In early January, UNICEF reported that cases of diarrhea in children under 5 years old have surged from 48,000 to 71,000 in just one week.

10,000 cancer patients facing the risk of death as Israel destroyed the two only cancer hospitals in the strip including a children's cancer hospital in November.

Healthcare workers report a 300% increase in the miscarriage rate among pregnant individuals in Gaza so far according to CARE. 

121 ambulances were destroyed by the Israeli occupation army.

150 Health institutions partially targeted by the occupation.

53 Health centres are currently out of service by the occupation.

30 Hospitals are out of service because of the occupation.

A father and a son whom at last fell into sleep after surviving an Israeli shelling 
Belal Khaled

337 healthcare workers were killed in those 100 days including 8 ambulance volunteer members of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society who attempted to save others. 

99 documented cases of healthcare workers detentions including doctors who are still in Israeli captivity.

152 UN staff members have been killed in Gaza. This is the highest number of staff members the UN loses in any conflict in its history. 150 of them are UNRWA employees.

According to the latest numbers, 2.1 million people are living inside Gaza which is known to be among the most densely populated areas in the world.

The UNRWA says that there are 1.9 million Palestinians internally displaced and mostly are staying in UNRWA schools for shelter.

Needless to say, 135 UNRWA buildings have been destroyed in the way so far.

1.7 million people are currently displaced in Gaza including one million alone in the city of Rafah aka Palestinian Rafah on the Egyptian-Gaza borders.

Israel's offensive has probably damaged or destroyed more than two-thirds of all structures in northern Gaza and a quarter of the buildings in the southern area of Khan Younis. 

This information comes from an analysis of Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite data conducted by Corey Scher from the CUNY Graduate Center and Jamon Van Den Hoek of Oregon State University, experts in mapping damage during wartime at

Please click to zoom in 

290,000 residential units were partially destroyed by the Israeli occupation. 69,300 residential units were completely destroyed by the Israeli occupation.

Check this Washington Post's investigative report on the destruction of buildings in Gaza in December.

243 Mosques have been partially destroyed by the Israeli occupation army. 145 Mosques have been completely destroyed by the Israeli occupation army.

3 churches were targeted and destroyed by the occupation.

295 schools and universities were partially destroyed by the Israeli occupation.

95 schools and universities were completely destroyed by the Israeli occupation. 

U.N. monitors report that approximately 70% of school buildings throughout Gaza have sustained damage. Among them, at least 56 damaged schools have been utilized as shelters for displaced civilians.

Here is a video from the Israeli army officially blowing up the Faculty of Medicine of the famous Islamic University in Gaza in early December.

Before the war, Gaza proudly held one of the highest levels of education in the Arab world despite the Israeli siege. 

65,000 tons of explosives were dumped on Gaza by the Israeli Occupation.

Found in Gaza by Salah Al-Jafarawi

In early November, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor issued a report saying that Israel has dropped more than 25,000 tons of explosives on the Gaza Strip since the start of its large-scale war on 7 October, equivalent to two nuclear bombs

200 archaeological and heritage sites were destroyed by the occupation.

Before and After the Pasha Palace Museum, a Medival palace that went back to 
the Mamluk era and was once used by Napoleon as a residence

Here is a video compilation of Gaza's destruction by Motaz Aziz. 

The numbers above speak about an epic failure, an epic failure to stop a real genocide we are watching in real-time.

I guess that you got a clear image of why this is beyond the Israeli captives right now just by checking the numbers.

It is about occupation and supremacy since the huge defeat of the Israeli military and intelligence military machine. The Israeli captives are like the cover Netanyahu and his cronies as well as the Israeli military are using to justify their war crimes.

After 100 days, Israel which was once dubbed “the oasis of democracy” is officially yet another military theocratic populist state like its Middle East neighbours.

As a citizen of the Middle East, I know failed states very well. Benjamin Netanyahu as well as his allies from the alt-right as well as the Israeli military are turning Israel into another failed state. Mind you, it has been a military state since day one but with a bit of democracy and accountability to be fair for its Jewish citizens only and that’s what allowed it to survive compared to other states in the Middle East.

Netanyahu knows that his political career is over as soon as an independent investigation into what happened on 7 October and what led to it; kicks off. He will do everything to stop this from happening, even if it means sacrificing the hostages and entering wars with neighbouring countries.

He is aware that he will be held accountable for numerous matters, especially considering that, after more than 100 days, none of the goals he declared have been achieved. Hamas has not been eliminated; instead, the group has gained more regional and global popularity as a resistance group, despite being on the terrorism lists of the West. The release of captives has not occurred through military means but rather through diplomatic talks.

Unfortunately, after 103 days, the dream of peace in the Middle East will be a dream for another 103 months and not another 103 days.

Marketing peace between the Arabs and Israel as the US hopes won’t be an easy mention after seeing how the Israelis look at the Palestinians whom they call Arabs as “subhuman”.

Again, I ask you to read the numbers above and tell me that there is a sane person with morals who will accept this. Tell me after those numbers that there will be peace in the Middle East.

Anyhow I would like to say, that out of the ashes, Gaza will come out as a phoenix. Israeli army won't drive away the Palestinians from Gaza as their terrorist founding fathers did with the ancestors of most of the people living in Gaza's refugee camps.

The emblem of Gaza municipality 

They won't leave inshallah and they will rebuild their city and it will flourish again inshallah.

In fact, do you know that the symbol of Gaza municipality is the phoenix ??

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