Egyptian Chronicles: We Should Boycott this conference too

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We Should Boycott this conference too

I think the Egyptian regime should boycott the UN racism conference just like the United States , it does not make sense to represent Egypt and to defend the Arab rights especially the Palestinian rights in such conference when it is intolerant towards other Arabs !!

The Egyptian regime official talk is full of racism against all those standing against it politically in the Arab Islamic world. In the last two weeks there has been a systematic racist campaign against the Shiites in the Egyptian official media.

Already among the so-called charges of that so-called dangerous Hezbollah cell is spreading Shiitism in Egypt !!

The Egyptian regime claims working for the unity of Muslims and Arabs where as it fosters and enforces the hate among the Muslims whether Sunnis or Shiites. The Egyptian regime is spreading some sort of Shiitephobia among the Egyptian Sunni citizens and it is succeeding  thanks to the spread of the Salafism in the society.

I do not know how the Egyptian regime is going to represent Egypt when it does not give full citizenship rights to the Egyptian Bedouins in Sinai nor to the Egyptian Nubians. The People of Sinai do not have the right to own the land they live on and work on. The Nuba issue is a big taboo file that no one wants to speak about.

If you do not want anyone to blackmail you through minorities ,then you must solve those issues , leaving them like that is the real danger on our national security.

Back to Egypt’s representation in this conference , well do not get me wrong I want MY Country to be present in every important international conference as EGYPT the ambassador of the Muslim Arab world yet now thanks to this regime we are not that good ambassador anymore ,we can’t represent our world and to speak on behalf of it internationally. It is matter of creditability and respect. Our current Egyptian is not considered creditable nor respectable among the people of the Muslim Arab world.

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  1. في انتظار رأيك بالنسبة لمشكلة النوبة ، أنا معنديش خلفية عنها

  2. The other day I was having a conversation with my father's family, who aren't Salafi extremists, and all of a sudden they were telling me of the "dangers" of Shiism, and telling me the Shia are taught to "hate Sunnis".

    This type of talk is nonsense and I was quick to react to it, even though my father's family didn't like that. I know they've been influenced by watching too much Salafi tv in Egypt. It's sickening how sectarian Arabs are getting.

    Also the Nuba issue and the Bedouin issue is serious too.


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