Egyptian Chronicles: You are not Getting #Morsi back by terrorizing Christians

Sunday, August 11, 2013

You are not Getting #Morsi back by terrorizing Christians

 Last Friday Pro-Morsi supporters mainly from Islamists had marches all over the country especially in Cairo.  One important thing they allegedly left from trace was the offensive and provoking graffiti on the walls and doors of churches and Cathedrals they passed by.

Islamic in reference to Islamic State on the doors of Church in Heliopolis
This is the tip of the ice berg when it comes to harassments and attacks against Christians in Egypt since July 3, 2013.
The Muslim brotherhood members and their supporters from supporters are inciting hate in Egypt whether online and offline.
Now since July 3, 2013 Christians in Upper Egypt have been a subject of continuous attacks by Islamists in North Sinai, Assuit , Minya and Sohag where people were killed and houses were torched. There is no police protection what so ever for churches or even for Christian populated areas in Upper Egypt.

Boycott the Christians graffiti in Assuit

Islamic , Christian + Thug : 30 June -Another graffiti in Assuit
The human rights organizations like Egyptian Initiative for personal rights warned the authorities, but no one cared to listen on July 10,2013 but no one cared to listen. Instead,there has been a huge systematic attack against human rights organizations in Egypt accusing of them of defending the MB’s supporters and protesters.
EIPR and other human rights organizations issued late last month a joint statement telling the Muslim brotherhood to stop inciting sectarian violence.
What puzzles me is the absence of the police in Upper Egypt and how it does not protect the Christians An evil part of my mind says that like in the time of Mubarak the authorities are leaving the Islamists to harm the Christians in this way in order to use this image abroad. Another part of my mind says that this is the usual Egyptian police action , they do not give a real damn for citizens outside Cairo. “Or even inside Cairo, they only care for buildings”
Still what really annoys me is how the big clans in Upper Egypt completely are totally ignoring what is taking place. You see there is a different social system in Upper Egypt than in Nile Delta or Cairo , clans got the final word there. There is also coordination between the clans and the security forces when they want to. I just do not understand.
Many Egyptians are wondering why the international media does not cover the attacks against the Christians in Egypt in order to show the other face of the Islamists. Of course it is not about international media but rather the media in general. A Christian friend explained to me that as a journalist should found out that Christians in Upper Egypt fear to speak to the media about the attacks more openly because they are afraid of retaliation. In the end journalists in Cairo do not understand that we are speaking about rural areas where everybody knows everybody and unfortunately there is no police protection.
Many Islamists if not most of them believe that the Church played a direct role in ousting Morsi in coordination with the army. The appearance of Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria in the video of El Sisi’s speech on 3 July enforced this belief.

Tawadros the dog , a graffiti seen frequently in Cairo
The appearance of Pope Tawadros in the speech and his meeting with El Sisi along with Sheikh Al Azhar was indeed a clever political move, but it had a price in extreme polarized society that suffers from sectarian tensions from time to time.
Of course the Muslim brotherhood’s leaderships were using the same old sectarian rhetoric against the Christians accusing them of standing with the old Mubarak regime against Morsi in the past year in a disgusting way.
We have enough of sectarianism in Egypt to increase it like this and in this sick way. 
The attacks against Christians should be stopped immediately, and the ministry of interior should do its job for real.The Muslim brotherhood should order its leading figures and speakers to using a sectarian talk to mobilize their supporters in this way.
Mohamed Morsi will not return back by killing Christians or torching their houses.


  1. Who us spraying these slogans? Who does it benefit. The mb are trying their utmost to rein in anti Christian sentiment as they know it is bad publicity.wether you believe there words or not you csn be sure they oppose any attacks on Christians as it harms their cause. Sadly it is sawaris and his clan who benefit from this. Christians sponsoring attacks on Christians... What a lovely coup

    1. You don't give up. Do you? You like to write this garbage, day in and day out. Or do you really believe it, too?!

      Why can't you just waste some more time, and go read those poisonous messages that is filling your so called Islamist newspapers. Look at all these bearded thugs, and tell me where did they learned that obscene language. Go to their Facebook pages and look to see if Sawares is hiding in each of them!

      I really feel sorry for you, and your elk. That hate will kill you. It is not, in any way, human. Elh.

    2. I agree with the original comment. I dont think the MB is concerned with christians. there are haters and corruption of all kinds in egypt not limited to MB as another comment said its all egyptians and corrupted muslims/christans not all from the MB. people should not hate true islam. true believing muslims know that christians are our brothers/sisters to Allah/God. men make stupid statements not meant to be carried out.

    3. like a lying coward you are anonymous.How dare you accuse Sawaris of the attacks against his own people----you must be a terrorist MB member or at least a supporter of the Islamists to say what you say. It doesn't work with me or with others who use their minds.Go play your dirty game somewhere else.

  2. Congratulations again for telling the truth of the matter Zee.
    You are a brave young woman and I commend you.

    It's beyond awful and sad what is going on now in Egypt. It keeps all the tourists away. The country is being harmed by the Islamists who are the extremist groups.

    Sad, Sad, Sad...:(

  3. Christians have been systematically persecuted in Egypt for the entire 10 years I've been paying attention. At least under Mubarak I wasn't reading stories about Christian girls being kidnapped to Libya as sex slave "brides", but that's not saying much. You want to pretend it's all the fault of the Muslim Brotherhood, but it's not. It's collectively the fault of all Egyptian Muslims.

    1. Christians had the short end of the deal for many years, but I wouldn't go far as calling that persecution. Minorities are not treated well in many countries, but more so in less developed countries, where ignorant bigots use religion to win and keep power (Ikhwan and Salfists here, Hindos in India, etc.). But in the presence of strong and fair leadership, this issues can be fully addressed.

      We never heard of such incidents during Nasser's years, but when Sadat took over, and began using religion in his talk, many thugs followed his lead and thought that they are free to use the language of hate. That continued during Mubarak, when those terrorists were fighting Egyptians, in the name of Islam, and later when he allowed the spread of ignorance of the so called Islamists through religious radio and TV stations, and by forcing themselves and taking over many of our mosques, and spreading in them more hate and ignorance that has nothing to do with Islam. Of course, that mutplied after those ignorants had a hold on power. They are spreading terror daily, despite all their lies and claims, not only against Christian citizens, but against most of our muslim citizens, too. Elh

  4. I read that police officers admitted that they were given orders to work agaisnt morsi as soon as he was elected because the high ranking cops didnt like him( and it showed). although I appreciate your article, how is it known that the MB did this graffiti? the MB protestors seem peaceful to me. I remember the anti morsi crew attacking gates of the palace and causing violence. yet I never hear of any punishment or backlash.

  5. I believe that this sectarianism and polarization which we r in is due to that bloody coup ,that so-called EL sisi managed rly to tear this country apart and start this great "fitna",even between Muslims u see ppl hate each other just for being pro or anti-morsi!!
    May God make Egypt safe for all ,it's rly sad that we r going down and we r 100 times worse than be4 :(((

    1. This is a funny post. I feel like laughing, but with these thugs blocking the streets, and threatening peaceful citizens, it is hard to even smile.

      Polarization. Any one who lives in Egypt, and have some brains, and an ounce of honesty, will tell us that Egypt didn't see more polarization than it did when Mursi and his elk were trying, but failing miserably, to run this country. Fitna. That was why so called Islamist's organizations were created, to keep Muslims fighting and killing one another. God make Egypt safe. He will, when Egyptians get rid of those thugs for ever, and return back to work, and to raise their families, and educate their children. Elh.

  6. Morsi and his elk?

    1. Elks are American, aren't they? Or is that moose? Moosie and his elk perhaps?

    2. I use the word "elk" when I am fasting, and I don't feel like saying thugs. But the elk is also often found in a herd. Does that remind you of some who who are now spreading their hate and stupidity in Egypt?

      Saying that, I must apologize to all those elk. They are a peaceful species. They don't carry guns or swords, and thy don't run round killing and destroying everything in their way. I can't say that about those who claim to be our "brothers".

      (No, an elk is not a moose, but in some parts of Asia, they call the larger moose, an elk. If we are lucky enough to be alive when those who are playing with religion are gone, we may have a chance to travel and see both species with our own eyes). Elh.

    3. lol....nice one roger!

    4. He meant "ilk" of course :)

    5. Yes, you are right, anonymous. It is ilk.

      But having some elk, and even a few moose, in th streets of Cairo is more interesting than having these thugs blocking it, and threatening our citizens. Elh.

  7. Yes breaking news....Morsi was "trying to run this country" with the help of an Elk!!!

    1. He may have succeeded if he used a few elk. Instead, he picked all the idiots he could have his hands on. An elk actually care for his harem, and his offspring. Morsi was too busy trying to "mark" his territories first. Elh.

  8. This stuff has got to be documented somewhere, right? In most of the videos I watch about Egypt and the things going on there, I see people filming with cameras and cell phones. I hope the truth comes out in the end about who did what. In the meantime, I pray that GOD will protect my Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt and I hope all of you will, too!

  9. Zeinobia what is the truth behind the claim that three Churches were converted to mosques? And how would Muslims fell if a bunch of criminals in the west invade a mosque and convert it to a church?

    Shame on these criminals and we all hope that the world is watching and caring


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