Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Arabs and American administration

November is coming and with it comes a very important american presidential elections not only for the americans but also for the whole especailly us the Arabs and Muslims,as no one can dany that the last four years of Bush's administrations were the worset years for the Arab and Muslim World from a very long time.
Yesterday I was watching the Hurra channel ,which the amrerican news channel in Arabic funded by the American government to enchance the picture of United states in The Arab world ,and I saw the Speech of Kerry the democractic canadidate saying something attracted me and it was 95% right that is since the war of Iraq the popularity of United States is decreasing ,while the popularity of Osama Bin Laden is increasing even in moderate and America's allies in The middle East region like Jordan and Turkey,the man's words are true 95% while 5% are not ,why is that? I will say immediately, simply people in that region the Arabs whether Muslims or not don't like and even hate the American Adiminstration and I repeat THE AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION not the american people NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE I repeat it again,from avery long time not because The United States supports Iseral ( all western World support Iseral ,France our biggest friend in Western World ,helped Iseral alot in its nuclear power yet it isnot hated like the american administration even after the Law of religious signs in public Schools) , also not because of OSAMA BIN LADEN and his men ,Osama Bin Laden may be popular not because of he is muslim and he hates the U.S and all this nonesense,but because it is according to the principle of my enemy 's enemy is my friend that is all ,believe me ,I am egyptian muslim who lives in the region and know the way of thinking ,may be it is wrong but that is how it goes)
simply they hate the U.S administrations throughout the years because The U.S administration supported and still supporting the dictator ruling systems in the region ,and Iran is best example ,Americans don't know that The C.I.A helped the Shah of Iran to regain his position after Masdak revolution (Masdak was a prime -minister who nationalized the petrolium companies in Iran and wanted to make a democratic system in Iran),The shah Came back again with jells and prisons to whom ever had the gutts to say no ,a very rich expensive life he lived with his family while Irani People lived in Poverty ,excatly like every country in the middle East .
The idea here people see the american administrations supporting their rotten regimes and they have and I share with them this thought that the american administrations when it come to democracy in The Arab -Islamic world ,plays according to its own favor and the favor of the american companies not for the favor of its own american people ,as I don't think the regular american will get any harm if the oil companies in Iran are nationalized or there is a democractic elections in Egypt.
that's why when Bush's adminstration perposed the great middle East plan for democracy ,people before regimes refused it ,they see it with suspect for what is going the American administration to take for this?
this is the core of the problem
it has nothing to do with Islam ,leave Islam alone ,the Real Islam is innocent from all of this conflicts and blood ,the Real Islam that calls for equity ,Just and democracy is forbidden even in the mother land of Islam
Islam isnot the reason of why most of Arab-islamic countries are third world countries from first degree ,no it is the rotten political systems, and this is another tale ,the conflict between the regimes and real Islam and it is big one

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Islam and Democracy

To say the truth I amnot ready till now and don't know till when to be a daily blogger ,it is hard but I need a forum to hear my voice,to say what I feel and what I think and this is the most proper place I guess.
well I stop talking about my personal feelings and go for the big event ,with no furthur introductions ,I will begin my journey with the Islam and democracy .
First I apologize that my translation could be bad and may not give the meaning as it is in Arabic but I will try as I can,and the honor of trial is enough for me.
"THE MUSLIMS' MATTERS ARE DISCUSSED AMONG THEM" a direct order mentioned in Holy Quarn ,I hope that translation is correct ,I will explain it again,simply the muslims'matters in anything in life from religion to economics ,from politics to social problems are discussed freely among them ,discussion is the word here. This is number one.
"No difference between a forgien and an Arabic except by the fear of God", simply there is defference between foreign Muslims or Arab Muslims except by the fear of God and this is only known by God,equity is the word here.this 's number 2.
"If you judge ,judge justly" ,if judge in anything ,you must be fair ,be just ,to fear God in your choices the Justice is very important , many parts Holy Quran speaks about justice ,Justice is from the characters of God in Islam , Justice is the word here ,this is number 3.
3 words ,simple words but with great influence ,that they made a revolution from 14 centuries that made tribes in Arabia fought that religion and tried to get rid of it
DISCUSSION,EQUITY AND JUSTICE, I believe these three words are the core of any democratic civilization
now here is the question ,which Arabic or Muslim government work with those 3 words or even just one word? None and this is our problem.
3 words ,simple word ,depend on each ,you can't have Equity with Justice and you can't have Justice with discussion .
there are other words than three , other words present the core of the real Islam ,the Real face of civilization of Islam that once ruled the world
and the Saga Continues......

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Islam and western media :2 "The Russian School"

Long time since I wrote my the first part of this post and after that I got busy by many different things, from the olympics (after 52 years,Egypt got antoher golden medal)to the news of Iraq and the french journalists abducation to the sad and sorrowful events of the Russian school ,in brief I was sitting in front Al-Jazeera channels whether the news or the sports Channels (by the way for non arabic speakers ,AL-Jazeera is going to launch a a new English news channel ,well it is good to see and hear from the other side,even though I got depressed from watching it.)
I wanted to complete my talk about The Islam and Democracy.but instead I want to speak about the horrible incident of the Russian school in Ossetia
First I send my condolences to the victims' families
and I understand their anger from the Islam and the Arabs.
Second In plain English,Those who did it whether they were Muslims really or not ,they don't present the Real Islam that Forbids not only killing but even terrfying innocent unarmed people.In Holy Quarn To kill another person without any right ,is like to the kill the whole human Race.
Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) ordered the Muslim Army before going to battles and wars against the tribes who fought against the Islam by the following:
This is What Prophept Mohamed (PBUH)ordered the muslim army not to do in Battles and Wars ,I will repeated again in Battles and Wars not in Peace Time
The Muslim ,the real Muslim must obey what is metioned in The Holy Quarn and What Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) did and said.
and appaerantly those who did that horrible act never heard about the real rules of Islam at War,those noble rules,
If they want the freedom of Shashenya ,they go to fight the russian army instead ,and it isnot excuse that the russian army is much powerful,The algerian resistance fought fiercely against the french army that one million person died in the sake of Algeria's freedom and with all that they transfer their battles outside the algerian borders not even to France itself.
Believe me that isnot 100% from Islam ,Islam is word coming from Peace El-salam.
And like the late President of Egypt Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat said in his historical speech in Iseral ,our greeting in Islam ,(the first word in our converstion with others)peace upon you.
you get what I mean
I guess all that terrorist circus is giving to Islam a bad image ,and it is not the fault that the regular western person to hate it ,in fact it is our fault the real muslim,the moderate muslims ,who care about the Islam to take the first step and go to the west and explain our religion.
Mr.Mahatir Mohamed ,the ex-prime minister of Malasyia
gave a lecture from 2 days ago in Alexandira and said that it is more the muslims fault than the Westerns .
Sometimes I feel that all these terrorists acts are just made to make the World hate Muslims and Islam .
Excatly like El-Qaida Statements ,if you 're an arab or muslim and fimilar with arabic and islamic vocabularies ,you will know there is something wrong
about them,something fishy as the americans say
in the end I will end with peace upon all who read this .
n.b ,don't forget most of Islamic World has the most of the energy sources and raw materials in the world,believe me it is bless and curse at the same time.