Friday, May 27, 2005

The Egyptian Lesson that Chirac had to know!!

55% of French people said NoN to the European Consitution blowing it and putting EU in a bad situation
already all the results before the french went to vote showed that the majority will say No to the Consitution which is supported by the President and his government
here and with current situations in Egypt and France and even Lebanon
I released that Chirac had to learn from the Egyptian experience at least to save the EU !!!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Voting girl !

Ok I come back from study on expectional occasision on exceptional day for expectional event .The change of constitutional change of chapter 76

People for the first time I went to vote ,yup I listened to all the propaganda on TV and went despite My mom's attempt not to make me go 'well she supports the Nasri party'
I went to say No ,yes No
simple any person who uses his or her mind right will tell you that this change is no change at all ,just a new look for old ugly face ..So it is no no no
even if they falsify it and they will do it and already did as I am writing this but at least I said what I feel ,believe and think
I don't want to be a silent devil
Ok no further talking in side talks back to the main event
I dressed nice as usual and went with my aunt to the election committee ,I got my ID card with me as my aunt got hers ,as we don't have election cards as the majority of the Egyptian people
We got our id cards as it was told in the TV and newspaper 'go you don't need the election card, go vote ,go don't be passive' and we listened as fools

anyway we went to the election committee , but surprise ,all what is said in the media for weeks were lies you need an election card if you didn't born between 1981-1986 ,but if you are born between those 8o's show you can vote ,if and only if your name is registered in the list

My aunt won't vote despite the claims in the TV saying she can vote with her ID card ,also she asked in the Police station on Monday and they told her the same nonsense, but good news is I can vote with My ID card ,check my profile you will know I am from early 8os girls ,but bad news my name is not in the list ,it seems it is in another committee so I have to search for it
I would go to the police station to see where my name is

So I went for the police station for the first time in my life ,a new world I entered with people looking to me and my aunt as aliens ,well not aliens but two decent ladies from another world especially me with my big black Guess Sun glasses
there in the police station there was a big surprise many people men ,teenagers and women like us didn't find there names and went to search for it 'what an order!!'
in brief after s0 many people didn't find their names cursing the goverment saying comments from the kind 'why the hell do we come for? Why do you bother us? ",my turn came ,I searched with the man in the archive
then I didn't find my name , I found my friend's name instead ,she lives in Mansouria in Cairo-Alexandria way
why Didn't I found it ?
anyway the man in the archive told me to come next week to get a new election card so I can vote in the important election coming in July 'no no nonononononononono'
I left with my aunt cursing the Government who tricked us ,and really admired my mom opposition act
anyway MY Grand father went and said NO NO NO NO NO
At least some one said NO from our family

Friday, May 13, 2005

one small powerfull step

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Ok just now I knew from AL-jazeera ,that Egyptian judges will refuse to take any role in monitoring any coming election whether presidential or for the assembly as long as their demands are not answered
No monitoring for presidential election ,I will feel that international mintoring is coming on its way to Cairo!!

I love the blog this feature in :)

Stuck with Study and exams ,no updates for a while

ok I am stuck in Study for my final exams starting next week with God's will and so as I mention in the title of the post ,there will be no updates for a while till the month of June ,it is not a big deal ,this is just a little Egyptian blog not the CNN or my favorite Jeff Rense news site

But before I go away for awhile ,there are some titles ,issues and events stopped me the last couple of days:
  1. I will start with the main news in about Egyptian Prime Minister insult to the Egyptians by saying we have to grow up politically before we have a real democractic life!! I guess anyone fimilar with the Egyptian modern political history and I mean sine the Parliment started in the 19th century will feel the insult !!
  2. The Strike in the Egyptian Airports I am with it 100% , Some are saying also in the same portal above it is bad then the terrorism ,I knew that we lost 20 million pounds of it ,yet I look to it from different angle ,another time I will say which angle
  3. The abuse of the prisoners and the insults to the holy Quarn ,well I will say where are the muslim countries !? sleepy as usual ,I mean the leaders ,presidents and kings ,no expect the americans soliders to respect our believes since I won't say us but our leaders don't respect it !!

well I will leave now ,wish me luck ,and good bye

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Tony Blair ,3rd round

Ok to all my british friends ,Tony Blair won for the third time in historical yet weak victory ,a 3rd round in the leadership of British politics Arena ,after alot of Scandals from Iraq and being the America's slave after beign the master 'sorry for my bad words ,but in fact most of the world 's Governments including my country's became a slave to the american white house '
I heard that Tony Blair and the Labour won with the help of american experts in promotion ,The Intergated marketing communications magic ' I study this right now and I know how effective it is !,it is like a charm.
The question till when Blair will move in the american parada ,doing as the american cabinet says ,Now it is Iraq ,what if the next was Syria or Iran ,will the Brits be willing to send their sons to the wild wild East !?

Thursday, May 5, 2005


ok today is 5/5/5 ,it is one day in the life time that won't be repeated again except on the 4th millienium
thank to Ceasar I was reminded by the date to write about it 5/5/5 or 555 is name of famous eau de clolongue in Egypt ,had been produced for ages and decades and still now one of the main things in any Egyptian home
Today was supposely my friend will get marry from her love but unfortunlately it didn't happen and they broke up,any way he came today and he remember nothing at all from what happened ot what had been said
well tiill next year guys , with another annoying date for me and for other persons 06/06/06 =666 bad day numbers isn't it

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Farewell to Green Peace Founder

Today I knew that the founder of Green Peace Organization Canadian Bob Hunter had passed after a struggle with the Cancer well I am very sad because I support the Green peace and their struggle for better environment to all people respect this man and so I like you all who read this to stand a minute of silence for him In this minute ,think about a better environment without no pollution what so ever ,imagine this world

Monday, May 2, 2005

is this terrorism ? or is this comedy ? or is this what?

Ok all Egyptians of course were surprised by the attacks of today ,the first in beside the Hilton hotel in Abd El-moniem Ryiad square in Tahrir ,this I have passed through it million times ,so did not just thousands but millions of Egyptians did then there was another attack, an historical attack as female factor entered the terrorism equation in Egypt
Did u read the Ahram today ? did you follow the statement of the Police?
I am afraid the Government thinks we were idoits ,for God Sake we are not born yesterday
  1. ,they said that the misrable Ehab ,the terrorist jumped from the bridge and bombed himself!! ,ok the body was with no head right yet the rest of the body seems fine except the head ,if a person jumped from this hight with a bomb ,his body should be thousand pieces?
  2. How Come he knew those tourists were Iseralis ,did u see their pictures it is available in todays edition in El-Sharq El-awast newspaper, believe me they look normal Egyptians ,would they walk with written on their foreheads 'We ARE ISERALIS'.
  3. The two girls his sister ,and his girl friend or wife or finance ,how fast they knew about his death ? how fast and how determinant were they to get his revenge from any tourist bus and get weapons ,wear black tents !! right away terrorist act
  4. did u see the ahram photo for his sister ,what is this over her eye ? is this eye shadow ? or knock out or what?
  5. They said she shot the other girl and then shot her self ,so practically she killed her friend and then committed Suicude ,not muslim acts as I see it ,you tell me people
  6. Why on earth did Ehab has Bashndi Id Card with him ?

Read the statements and then Read and try to answer these questions and answer the title post plz

Plz answer me