Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Did you know Shekih Ahmed Deedat???

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did you know Shekih Ahmed Deedat??
this question for Muslims and Egyptian Muslims in specific
I bet the real answer will be "no I didn't know the guy except from the news of death few days ago from the media !!!!!!"
Do you know from I knew the news ?
From a dear American Friend who just converted to Islam exactly this week only !!!!!!!! Alicia
told me in my MSN Space that day these words " Ahmed Deedat died:)" I ws really embarrassed to say to her who is Ahmed Deedat? then I knew who is he?
ironically My Aunt and My mom knew the man but they had to have time to remember what he did
anyway I felt strange because this dedicated his life for Islam and yet we in Egypt at least now never heard about him , may be I didn't but I am sure there are many like me out there
So why this man is not so famous like Beyounce in our country ?
It could be the ignorance and ego at the same time as both come together in one package ,the Arrogance of The El-Azhar Shekihs that they know all things in Islam, the same egore the country of 7 thousand years !!!!!! ,
It could be the jealousy that he is not an Arab but speaks in English ,he is more successful even he wasn't graduated from the El-Azhar !!!!!!!
It could be the media how prefer singers and actors then Shekihs to show!!!!!!!
I guess it is time now to know who is Mr.Shekih Ahmed Deedat
God Bless his soul


  1. governmental corruption is the answer to your question

  2. Ahmed Deedat is an Indian who lived in South Africa all his life. He claimed to be a Muslim scholar. His books were very well known and read by Muslims in Egypt, especially in Cairo. You could found his books sold on sidewalks. Som Copts read of them. He was an agitator and very fanatic Muslim who attacked other religions. But he, in fact, was an insult to good Muslims who respect other people's religions.
    If we compare this man with somebody like Sheikh Tantawy or Dr. Mahmoud Zaqzouk, we could say the man was nuts or an idiot. I susbect the man was a Wahhabi pawn. If you know another Sheikh, such as Kishek, or Umar Abdul Rahman, then you may say Deedat was from the same backward school of fanatic terrosist Islamists.

    I am not sure if that guy is enjoying the company of beautiful sexy hurries in jannah! You better ask the Mufti!

    A True Muslim


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