Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mubarak 2005, dream speech, a real dreamy one

Today was the beginning of the presidential campagin and I admit I respected so much those intelligent people working in Mubarak's campaign "really they deserve those thousands they take every month ' they didn't choose the national television as they know no one will watch so they go for the Nile Sat and to Dream channel and prime time 10 o'clock program for its presenter Mona Shazely ,as it is popular TV show ,it is good thing but they didn't pay for it as they will say because the dream channels are owned by the business man Ahmed Bahgat who is also a Member in NDP , nothing is innocent

Anyway I waited for the campaign as I was curious to see what Dr.Sherif Sabri would present , so at 8 o'clock I saw an introduction music video 'stolen from Mafia Soundtrack ' and a voice saying the objectives of The NDP candidate, the president Mubarak
Then the big event came out , A live broadcast from a place seemed to me like Sharm 'some don't learn from the lesson'
Huge crowds from the supporters of NDP and members of the cabinet ,the first lady and first Son
What stopped me are those people wearing Galabya and setting in the front ,call me what you like but who are those ? Do they come really from the NDP ?
Anyway President Mubarak started a very long speech .bla bla bla ,I will do this, I will do that etc
with Promises that should have been made in 25 years
and here comes a question that I demand an answer for
What he ws doing in the last 25 years?
tomorrow I will speak about Documentary that was made and broadcasted after the speech


  1. it was in azhar park and they fucked up cairo traffic for it.

    the azhar area alone had hundreds of armored cars, thousands of anti riot police, machine guns, special forces, attack dogs, etc.

  2. Not a new thing that they fucked up Cairo traffic
    After they fucked up the whole country

  3. Dear Zeinobia,

    First I like your name, and I like your picture, which I think is not your true picture, neither your published name. But what is more important than anything I like your website and what you write in it, your thoughts for Egypt.

    Coming to my comment on Mubarak's promises and what you have said in your article, I would like to say that you were absolutely right when you wondered about what Mubarak had done with Egypt for the last 25 years. The actual result is a living hell on the land of Egypt: the country is in bad position in every respect, especially the political malaise and ineffiency in running the affairs of the unfortunate Egyptians. A dangerous situation that needs hard work and huge amount of capital to save Egypt from a dark future. The culture under despotism and opportunism for the last fifty years have killed talent and initiative among the majority of Egyptians. Many of the best brains have left to the west searching for dignity, freedom and economical opportuinties and a secure future for their children.
    I don't care whether Mubarak succeeds or not in this election, what I hope for is a new age where Egyptians are free to choose a leader who would listen to them, a leader of a group of talented sincere politicians and technocrats who could run the country and put it back on the map of civilized and developped countries.

    Nabil Malek

  4. thank you ya Nabil
    I agree with you 100%
    you are reading my mind


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