Monday, September 26, 2005

Mohamed Ali Palace

Tomorrow Tuesday will be very very important day in the history of Egypt as President Mubarak 'the first ever elected president !" as if it was real ,will say the presidential oath 'which he never sticks with' in the Famous historical Mohamed Ali palace 'I don't know why they chose this palace really !?

1)-is it to celebrate of Mohamed Ali the real founder of modren Egypt after 200 year of the famous Egyptian Choice to him 'I don't think so after all it is Mubarak the one who made modern Egypt by the way it was the first and the last time the Egyptians choose someone to rule them ,regardless of what he did but Egypt was a real power not ghost power just like today

2)-or it is a symbol to prince Mohamed Ali ,to the majority of you who isnot familier with the modern Egyptian royal history Prince Mohamed Ali was an old prince who used to occupy the place of the crown prince when there isno male to occupy ,the man waited alot and he hated Farouk and was happy that the later got three girls ,
ironically King Farouk got a boy and after that the blessed 'cursed' revolution was there and so the dream of being the King of Egypt was gone with the Wind ,and his waiting was in Vain ,for those who asking what is the relation ?
Prince Mohamed Ali is just like the Egyptian people , just waiting to miracle to happend that the King and the crown prince die to get the throne

did you get it!?

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