Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Amr khaled and the Life makers "2" The man and the regime

Amr khaled again and again
First don't you notice that the men called Amr are so impressive and got popularity in Egypt: Starting with Amr Diab, Amr Moses and of Course Amr khaled who got the biggest impact on the Egyptian street in the last few years that no other one reached.
Whether you like him or not, the Man did something and this something can't be denied, it is a reality, a reality I realized since when he used preached in Hosri Mosque in Agouza as I live in it, I realized when I found the huge number of young girls and boys coming out of the Mosque in huge numbers, young girls and boys from my generation and even younger generation.
Amr Khaled was a shock from the Egyptian society who used to have the perceived image of an Islamic Preacher, Coming from Al-azher from Country side background wearing the Al-azher famous custom always speaks Classical Arabic , and hates Music and sports….you know the comic image of Abd El-Monam Ibrahim in El-safira Aziza black and white movie.
Yet to find a non-Azher graduate speaks in religion in easy language that everyone understands , wears Causal , play football and tennis in Shooting club ,goes to restaurants, watches movies and listens to music , and more important comes from the metropolitan middle Class, this was too much from the Egyptian society not to mention his great way in persuasion.
To say the truth I didn't like him at first at all, first and I felt that it wasn't about the Islam, but it was about Khaled and his attractiveness when one of friends in high School who attended his lectures then told me that all girls and ladies in his lectures wanted to marry him or marry some one like him, this was silly yet I found it is not because there was something wrong in Khaled but in the receivers themselves. But there was always a wall between Me and him back then , not him but you can say the religious institutes in Egypt as I always used to see the young religious people held themselves in world of Religion 100% other aspects of Life has not part in it .
Yet I began to try to know the guy more and more, he went on exile to Lebanon, feeling sympathy and anger began to break wall step by step then watching him on Future TV and also the severe attack on him from the Governmental newspapers and a man like Mofid Fawzy who got no integrity at all, gave Khaled more credits and then I began to see the image from another perspective.
This man made something, he returned back the religion to thousands of young Egyptians, I don't care whether from high or middle or low, already he didn't return something that were missing, it was already there but needed someone to light it up, Some boys only used to pray on Friday and some girls didn't read a single letter from the Quran.
Yet the great change this man had made with Charismatic character is reaching out to the Younger generations, a mission impossible the regime failed in, the Islamic institution failed in  
Till now The official Islamic Institutions in Egypt like Al-Azher hates him as they say he is Qualified enough, he got no Azher Certificate, well Abas El-Akad wrote the Geniuses and he didn't even complete his education, this is bad jealousy because he succeeded in what they failed in for decades, reaching for the public with simple language with no complications, Khaled says always he succeeded with Young people because he speaks in the same language they used.
The government or in other words the regime hates indirectly saying they fear radicalism again 'which it isn't the true reason, in fact fundamentalism was a regime fabrication and product of the Government policies of erasing the religion factor from the Life of the oldest religious people in The World, and for Every Action there is a reaction 'I am trying not to dive in this part ' but in my point of view regime hates Khaled because he reached to the people and the people love him ,listen to him , he became a danger , the regime already just like any third world country regime doesn't like any public figure that is not from its men, It is the fear that he may have power ,a power that can give him authority ,or even the worst fear of the regime ,the only fear is that he takes the regime's authority , I am speaking the truth here , but Do you remember what happened to Amr Moses when he became so popular ,that he was mentioned by name in Shabaola masterpiece "I hate Israel and Love Amr Moses '
Khaled and Moses were not danger and they are not danger on national security but regime Security
The talk is not finished with Amr Khaled


  1. I like to watch his show, but unfortunately it is no longer on ART America. He has a positive message now and that is good but his early work was completely different. He used to be on the fundamentalist side

  2. They may reshow it again on ART america as there is huge demand on it
    Yes he is different from the beginning ,he wasn't on the fundamentalist side but he was still using some old techniques of giving the information with no simplification for people who were afraid to come closer to religion for different reasons
    Yet now he takes step by step


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