Tuesday, December 6, 2005

I changed the Computer Heart

Oh boy this was one of the worst weekends ever, on last thursday my computer suddenly stopped working , like a human body with no pulse at all .
I didn't know why that happened really at first but I began to use my mind , and I found out there was something wrong with the power supply and I was right.
An Excellent computer nerd told me that it was the power supply box , the computer's heart and that I must change the heart immediately with a new one with more watts

So only yesterday I bought a new heart and my computer had a litte operation and here we are back in business :)


  1. posting from the mobile !! WoW, it seems you really live your job here :)

    we missed you alot, yet i consider the heart of the PC is the mother board not the power supply, it can be more considered like the mouth that never stop eaty !!

    try to put the shiiaa case on your scheduale, I believe you will come with a good research as I heared they have a lot of troubles with the egyptian security during the past few years


  2. hey Free soul ,sure I love my work here
    inshallah I will add soon the shiia to the minority report :)


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