Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Stupid practical Joke

Today the traffic in El-Gizah especially the Dokki-Mohendissn area was terrible ,in other words sucks and a terrible traffic jam ,some people I know got stuck in traffic for a whole hour.
It was as if we were on Thursday ,no one knows the reason
I thought may be because some V.I.P jerk visiting some place in the area " I was stuck in this traffic jam "
and now I know why
Some jerk seems to me a student who hates his school ,called the Egyptian police to inform them that there is a bomb in the Deutsche School in Dokki !!!
already the Deutsche school is in a busy part of town "for those who know the map of Dokki and Giza will understand what I mean"
it turned out there is no bomb or any terrorist act except some stupid phone call from some loser.
Stupid practical joke :(

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