Wednesday, December 7, 2005

El-intifida in 2005 elections!!

Thank God that the Bloody circus of the 2005 parliament elections in Egypt had finished today , it finished dramatically and sadly
The death toll reached in to 4 persons in the elections , this session or phase three were killed added to the 20 years old young man who was killed in this second phase of the elections in Alexandria :(
This time not the thugs but those who let the thugs out ,the police forces and the central security forces "the anti-riots forces"
I watched a scene in the Al-Jazeera news of course not on the national TV ,on Egyptian TV everything is fine ,rosey and under the control
back to the scene
with no introduction or description , it is scene you can see it in the Palestinian intifida , Israeli soldiers opening their fires and Palestinians throwing stones at them
now change the Israeli forces with the Egyptian anti riots forces and the Palestinians with Egyptian electors
Just like the war !!
The government and interior ministry as usual put the blame on the Muslim brotherhood and the banned group put the blame on the government
I as an Egyptian Citizen put the blame on the government and the interior ministry which really I wish to see its minister resigns.
Guys who got guns and soldiers ? Who prevented the electors from voting ?
The Muslim brothers and sisters or the government and behind the NDP !!!!
It is disgusting and disgrace


  1. .... and also it is a crime under any law ...

    Few years from now (2015 or something when NDP eventually lose control of the parliament) I will not be surprised if the four incidents where Egyptians were killed go to the Egyptian court.

    I hope whoever is responsible for killing those four endup in the Egyptian Jail for a very very long time.

  2. Me too
    I wish the same wish ,believe me this day will be a fiesta for Egypt

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