Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ragab! I missed you on Saturday

Did you buy Akbar el-youm weekly last saturday !? did you notice something strange not usual in the newspaper ? without no further introductions Ahmed Ragab's comics of "The Indians village farmer" and his sarcastic mini article "fahma" were missing for the first time since very very long time ,since Ahmed Ragab started writing in the 60s !!

Ahmed Ragab writes a daily mini sarcastic column called "1/2 word" ,this 1/2 word is usually bitter than 10 long articles , this 1/2 word caused many crisis between Egypt and the whole World especailly with the U.S and Isreal, not to mention the Anti-semisitm charges.

Ragab used to form a duet with cartoonist Mustafa Hussien , yet conflicts happened between them finianicail ones caused the duet that presented over dozens of the greatest cartoons and comics for over 30 years to break, till now it is shock for their fans and I still wish that return back together "man I really miss the Singer of Akhbar daily ". now He works unfortunately with Amr Fahmy , a less talented Cartoonist who is used to stealing the cartoons ideas even by words from late legendary Salah Jahin

Back to the strange disappearance of Ahmed Ragb's presence in Akhbar El-youm , well it seems that Mr.Momtaz El-kot ,the new chief in Editor appointed by the government as the Akhbar El-youm publishing house is a public ownership wanted to practise his role over the writer who started to write even before Mr.Momtaz was born , and Ragab as a respectable human being refused to walk over his dignity and so he didn't write a single word on Friday to be publish on Saturday , so Mr.El-kot who always puts his big stupid image in his useless meaningless articles got Lanin El-Ramly to write something in stead of El-Fahma place , Lanin is a commuist sarcastic writer ,he got wonderful things but not to be placed in Ragab's shoes !!

Anyway it seemed to me that El-kot knew his real size against giant Ragab after the public reactions to Ragab's disappearance.

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  1. I think you already know now that this happened because this(Cat) called him on the phone and asked him to change a word in his latest article ,the man got angry and hang up on him ,the stupid(cat) tried to apologize in another call but Mr Ragab refused(100 100 and BRAVOOO!)

    Did you see the (1/2 kelma) that Mr Ragab wrote in the latest issue of El Dostoor?

  2. yeah I read it and saw it
    well Cat knew his real normal size now


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