Thursday, March 23, 2006

Khadija El-Jamal 's look

Did you buy sout El-Oma weekly? did you see the images of Egypt's super new couple on the front page?!!

I mean the images of Khadija El-Jamal and GM

if you don't ,I eager to go and buy it and see the new photos of the next Egypt's first lady .

Guys I don't have anything against the young lady but please someone tells her to choose better outfits ,she looked in the images like some sort of a lebanese model , I know that for first ladies and queens there are advisors and teachers for clothing and so on .........

p.s: what was GM driking exactly ??

another update: buy El-ain tabloid newspaper today as it got all the coverage

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  1. Can't you post the photos here?
    You made me curious awi to see them but it's too late to buy the newspapers.
    Can you scan the photos, or does this newspaper have a web site?

    What was he drinking? alcohols? 3adi ya benti! Ma testaghrabeesh :)

  2. I join my voice with eman because i couldn't get a look on them!!

    on the other side, it is strange that gamal is gaining supporters !! yes, I meet people a lot of people who want him to be president and believe he will make egypt better, better that what?? i don't know!!

    I believe this nation has lost the soul and is now satisfied by whatever will be given to them

  3. here is the first sample in El-3ain tabloid website:
    inside there and the issue number is 141
    the shocking images were on the cover of Sout El-oma ,some said it disappeared suddenly anyway I am looking forward to see it in the lifestyle stupid magazines like flash and so on it was the images of the wedding of Shahab Ahmed Mazhar's daughter "oh boy I loved his dad so much "
    I am not amazed ya Eman about GM drinking alcohols but the photographer who took it I guess thought that this will give GM a nice publicity
    also I am not amazed freesoul about his growing popularity , I am afraid so ,and see we lost our soul since very long time


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