Thursday, August 31, 2006

LBC TV is playing with fire !!??

 You know I never expected the channel which presented to the Arab World Star Academy ,Studio El-Fan and Miss Lebanon to be that dangerous

Link to Israeli who aided Lebanese TV: Ron Arad film sheds no new light - Haaretz - Israel News

So now I guess Pierre El-Dahr and Prince Walid Ibn Talal will take the reward for informing any kind of information about Arad , the 10 or 20 million American dollars !!

Seriously What do the owners and supervisors of LBC wait from such documentary ?? to prove that Hezbollah is behind the capture of Aron and that he is either in Iran or in Lebanon?? What do they want to prove ? What do they want ? Why Now ??

Aron Arad was disappeared from 20 years since then there is no news about him whether dead or alive , the promising hope or scenario is that he was captured and transferred to Iran or Syria . The Israelis say that Amal movement is behind his capture so it is not Hezbollah's

Amal as you know is headed by Nabih Beri ,a great patriot man in my opinion and the chairman of the Lebanese Parliament .

LBC as you also know was the channel of Lebanese Phalanges and now 45% of it is owned by Walid Ibn Talal ,the Saudi prince and billionaire, so it is a mix of radical Christian and Saudi American views. Already in time of war no one knew who they were standing with , well for sure not with the resistance or Hezbollah!!

The timing is interesting ,so interesting

Anyway Aron Arad is a real mystery I am thinking of writing a separate post about him

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