Thursday, December 28, 2006

The problem is not in the word brain heads !!??

Ok today the announcement of President Mubarak about the constitution amendments and his call to both the parliament and the senates to meet in  order to discuss those amendments in order to approve them made the headlines in all the official newspapers in Egypt in a stupid way , they even described as the second victorious crossing in a hint to the 1973 victorious Egyptian army crossing to Sinai in a provoking way.

Yes it is the biggest constitutional changes Egypt saw from 50 years ago , but are they for real ?? a real change toward a real a real political reform ?? a real hope towards what Egypt needs from democracy !!??

Any how I am still reading those big changes to find that they are not so great after all

You know there are some amendments that make me laugh because they are not that significant changes ,in fact they are just words on a book paper

for example The article No.1

Which states the following : 

The Arab Republic of Egypt is a Democratic Socialist regime based Country, that is established on the union of the working force and the Egyptian People are part from the Arabic nation that they work for the complete Union

The NDP headed by president Mubarak decided to change the article by canceling the word "Socialist" of the article to enforce the principle of free economy of Egypt

It is not about a certain word ,Egypt will still have not that free economy that the regime promising the people with in the valley of the Nile

Simply because You Will Not Have A Free Economy Except When You Have A Real Political Freedom

As simple as this

For God sake if they are seeking for a real Free Economy why there is :

  • Lots and Lots of Red tape ,bureaucracy ,corruption......etc
  • Monopoly from the business Men like Ahmed Ezz and Mamdouh Ismail are controlling Egypt's important resources

What we are having now in Egypt is just like Russia after the end of Soviet Union , the ruling class from Communist party are those who control Economy forming the Russian Mafia , whose reputation and danger now exceed the famous old Italian Mafia

What Free Economy the president is promising us while we are less competitive then any other country with our resources !!?? Is the word "Socialist" the problem ?? now we will be more competitive and our Economy is liberated !!

For God Sake look at China and this is a socialist communist country ,learn from it

The official newspapers are acting as if the omitting of that word "Socialist" will really liberate our Economy

Economy and Politics are two faces for one coin

Liberate the politics and you will liberate the Economy

Already I don't how to reach for that liberation with the new amendments


  1. @ zienibia can you please give "fairuz lamah badah yatasana,i feel very bad when i listen to an arab man called tony :(((((((((

  2. dear Amr I don't have the complete version like Tony's
    but if you want the real classical Arabic music ,I recommend to go to this forum and register


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