Sunday, May 27, 2007

Help Our Fight for Real Democracy -

 Wael Abbas for the Washingtonpost

Must read till the end you will have a better image of what is going really in Egypt

Bravo Wael and May Allah bless you and protect you

I am very proud and jealous at the same time ,I can't deny but who I am to speak ,the man deserves it ,I mean I am sitting on my butt where as he is risking his life for the truth

Link to Help Our Fight for Real Democracy -



  1. Yes, we are all sitting on our asses, but if you have a blog that educates others, even though you may not be an "activist", then you are making progress and doing something worthwhile. So cut yourself some slack.

  2. well I don't know Vagabond sometimes I feel all what I am doing is talking but with no change


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