Thursday, May 31, 2007

Windows Live 2 beta

Microsoft at last released the beta version of its windows live 2 products like Windows Live messenger,Windows live Mail and windows live writer

The most important of that bundle to is windows live writer because this is what I use to post to my blogs ,and guess what it is great whether for the GUI or new features that were added to it , really it was worth to be waited ,it is improved with new capabilities of course better with windows live spaces,wordpress ,Movable type and typepad

It is highly recommended if you are windows user like along with the other windows live 2 as they will make your windows experience better :)

Already I am using the windows live Mail desktop client and it is great , working with my two Hotmail accounts and AOL account , you can add gmail and yahoo too

P.S I forgot to tell you I was a beta tester for several for the windows Live product , the last one was Window Live Hotmail ;) 

Please Check it ,I highly recommend it Microsoft is not that evil for God sake


  1. I see they paid you to post that about the Evil Empire!

  2. Qwaider I think your blog is based upon a share point
    anyhow if I had been paid by Darth fader ,I would have moved from here
    which host company your dealing with Qwaider?

  3. Once with MAC never back. I'm a dedicated MAC user. Sorry, but I've had it with Windows.


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