Friday, June 8, 2007

The Syrian Front

I didn't speak about the Syrian Front in the six days war , in fact I found it rarely mentioned in the media ,all the concentration goes to the Egyptian front despite the Fact it was the Syrian leadership was the one that made us involve in the war in the first place

Here are some quick notes about some interesting facts that may help us understand what really had happened there[1]

  • 65% - 80% of the Syrian GPD /national income were specialized for the ministry of Defense before the six days war for two reasons for defense and for the liberation of Palestine from its Zionist invaders.
  • Syria was under the rule of Salah Jadid
  • The budget of the Syrian army was more than the national income.
  • The Baath party in the pre-war time was working according the slogan “The Liberation of Palestine through Jordan”[2]
  • An Arab common military leadership was formed between Egypt, Syria and Jordan under the leadership of Commander “Ali Amar”[3]
  • The Baath radio Station used during the pre-war time to air some silly provoking song called “The river Jordan won’t be redirected “ sang by a Singer who disappeared later name “Lodi”[4] especially in the year 1966 according to the orders of Major “Fares El-Hatom” who headed the special units which guarded the Syrian radio .
  • In April or May 1967 the Students union in the city of “Homs” organized a lecture attended by hundreds of students in “Opera” cinema theatre, the speaker guest was “Mustafa El-Talas” Lt. Col. Then who gave a huge presentation that gave the audience an idea of the Syrian and Egyptian military plan to liberate Palestine with a big map and a commander stick [5] saying that [6]

“We will move with our forces to the south to destroy the Palace of “El-Raga’ia” first then on the second day we will move to the west and during those two days the Egyptian forces will have passed Sinai and advance to Palestinian coast, and on the third day will close the mouth of the pincher on the Jews and then we will ….

The audience screamed in great enthusiasm that can’t be described

“… To the Sea” 

  • The attack on Syria on the 5th of June started with an IAF raids over the Syrian airports and air bases after finishing from the Egyptian front ,the attack started about 10 AM Damascus Local time, the same plan in Egypt to target the airports, airbases and air crafts on the ground
  • The IAF air crafts were mainly from the French Mirage fighters.
  • They destroyed the “Maza” airport which is near to the Damascus university where the Students were having their second term exams and saw at the same time the battles between the IAF and SAF
  • The IAF destroyed the runways in the “Maza” airport
  • Despite the attack of the IAF yet the Syrian Air forces defended as they were already on alert due to what happened earlier in Egypt
  • The Syrian anti-shell fires succeeded in hitting one Israeli Air craft which was burned and its pilot was inside it that the piece of the air craft was brought to the students in the university were they saw the burning flash parts of the pilot[7]
  • The SAF despite the destruction of all of its runways and air bases across the country managed to destroy the Oil refines and depots in “Haifa” in north Israel at 12 AM, that was the only Arabic air forces counter attack or in better word actual share in that war because simply most air crafts were destroyed on ground without a fight.
  • Just like EAF ,the SAF was destroyed on the first day of the war 1967
  • Israel managed to reach to the East side of the Suez Canal on the third day of the war which was the 7th of June 1967 ,on the fourth day which was the 8th of June 1967 the IDF was busy on the Jordanian front and his fight with the PLO and the Jordanian army , mainly the PLO
  • On the 4th day the IDF managed to invade Jerusalem and reached to the east shore of the River Jordan
  • On the 5th and 6th days of the war the IDF transferred to the Syrian front to complete its plan to invade the Golan heights
  • The total Syrian losses in the war as announced back then were 120 soldiers!![8]

  • On the 13th of September 1967 Egypt, Syria and Jordan signed the Common defense agreement

[1] The main source is an online essays that were written by the Syrian writers “Khalid El-Ahmed”, ”Grace El-Hams”

[2] I think the Syrian-Jordanian relations were so bad then, in fact it has never been that good even now.

[3] I think he was the brother of Abdel Hakim Amar!!

[4] I don’t know much about this lady but there were historical rumors that she had some affair with officer “Fares El-Hatom” who headed a coup that failed in 1966 and fled away to Jordan after its failure ,some Say that El-Assad played an important role in that coup , she is considered till now from the pro-Baath singers

[5] I thought that these plans are confidential not to be announced and explained in cinema theaters near you!!

[6] According to eye witness who had attended the event

[7] I may be able to find his name in the Israeli forces.

[8] This is one small number , they were damn lucky ,so lucky

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