Egyptian Chronicles: It happens in the country of the Nile : The thirst revolution

Friday, July 13, 2007

It happens in the country of the Nile : The thirst revolution

When you hear the name of Egypt , the picture of the Nile and the Pyramids is the first thing that may pump in to your head , anyone who is familiar with the geography of North Africa will know that Egypt is blessed with the Nile

In fact for centuries we were taught and learnt by heart that

Egypt is the gift of the Nile

as famous Greek Herodotus the historian described Egypt in his famous trip to the valley of the Nile Les Pyramids

In fact the bless somehow increased despite the other consequence when the Aswan high Dam was built to protect Egypt from floods and from droughts that killed thousands of African people in the countries of the River Nile .According to our successive governments the dam provided and is providing water and electricity to all Egypt , each president from the three "not counting Mohamed Naguib" said that water and electricity had reached to every place in Egypt ,from biggest city to the smallest village and we believe them at least the water part

Already as far as I know Egypt considers the River Nile security is from its national security and it is enough to know that the Peace Maker Late president Mohamed Anwar El-Sadaat had threatened that any African country that would build any dam that would threat Egypt's share from the Nile Water to see the hell of the Egyptian Air forces

This threat was after Camp David , I thought it would be worth to mention , this policy is still active well of course not to extent to an air force strike but still powerful that some countries in the Nile Basin organization complained that Egypt taking more than its share , of course Egypt didn't care DSC00690

why I am saying all this well , because when I tell you that I am shocked and angry to know that there are some people in my country , the country of the valley of the Nile are ready to enter jail in order to have a glass of water, you should be shocked too!!

Do not be surprised , this week Egyptians found out that there are other Egyptians who were suffering in the same valley of the Nile , not in the western desert for example , from lack not shortage of water

The story started with protests along the high way by people from different villages in different Governates in Egypt in Nile delta against the lack of water they are suffering from, the protests paralyzed the international high ways to the North coast for over 10 hours and as usual the government solved the problem its way ; It blamed those bloody bastards who are protesting for the simplest and most important need in life ,the need of water , the need of water in the middle of the very hot summer !!

The government this time went too far when it made the grand Mufti whom I don't respect for this to say that it is unacceptable to protest and delay other people's business !! Business what business , I am sorry this incident already did not reach to the media except when popular Singer Amr Diab missed some one million concert in the north Coast

I am not a socialist or communist or anything , but those who stood for 10 hours in the high way to the north coast were going to beaches and resorts which is considered luxury compared to the suffering of peasants who want to have a glass of water in the middle of July

It did not stop at the high way protest , in fact it began and opened the door for other thirsts in the valley of the Nile to demand the simplest need they must have

Complains from various areas even in Cairo began to reach to the media , of course the independent ,the complains were about shortage and lack of water for weeks

Yet all the complains and protests even the highway's did not reach to the level of anger and despair that the complains and protests of "El-Bashbesh" village reached to

The "Bashbesh" village follows "El-Mahalla El-Kubra" in

"Gharbia" Governorate in Nile Delta, the village pollution is 200,000

Their suffering started 4 months ago when the villagers woke up to find that the water supply was cut from their homes and their work , they mainly work in farming , on that day they received governmental promises and confirmation that the water would return on the same day , the problem it did n't return , instead the water was cut from the hospital , the fire fighting unit and the village council !!

The hours became days and days became months ,for four months the people in that village knocked all the possible doors they can knock and no cared for them

All that time they had one of the three alternatives :

  1. To walk for 8 KM to another village to buy water containers , 3 E.P per container
  2. To drink polluted water
  3. To use the wells and water pumps

Ironically the people in the village are still paying the water service bills !! This reminds with Adel Emam in his famous comedy "A witness that saw nothing"

I paid the telephone bill for fear they would take the phone , yet already I don't have a telephone or a line

For 4 months they have no single clean drop of water , their agriculture land now which geographically in the Nile Delta looks as if it were in Somalia

For 4 months now no one in the blessed government and party which are boosting day and night with their achievements in the country side cared for that poor village

There are 500 of the villagers who are suffering from Kidney failure due to the lack of clean water, I don't know where is the government or the civil organizations ??

The "El-Bashbesh" people are threatening to escalate their anger from protests to a general strike , of course the security forces are threatening them by Jail

The desperate people said that they are ready to go to jail as they will be able to drink a glass of clean water there !!

Can please anyone tells me why in the country of the Nile , in the valley of the Nile itself some village is suffering from the lack of water ??

and can please anyone tells me why the government is not listening to their complains ?? and till when they will suffer ?? I guess they will complete to suffer till the savior GM comes and says his magical words open the water , just like when he came and said that there would be no more debts for the poor farmers !!

I feel angry and sad , but you know these are from the signs that proceeds an end of an era, they are driving people themselves toward strike and revolution , one day it will be water ,another day it will be hunger

That fool regime is digging its own grave by its hands simply by turning a peaceful people that once described by "Amr Ibn El-A's" as they are owned by their rulers to angry rebellious people

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  1. It is confusing to the audient to start the topic talking about the High Dam, the Presidents' promises etc. I thought you will be talking today about a national problem. I really got lost until the second half of the article when I noticed that it is about drinking purified water not the natural water resource, the Nile. That deos not make the problem smaller at all. It just blur the route to the solution. Are we going to blame some other African Countries, Blame those who designed the Dam or blame a local authority that does not have a fund to renew or fix the local water purification station for months. Again, That does not make the problem any smaller, it would rather make it a humanitarian crisis. Dr SR. 530am, NY

  2. ya I agree. Waguih

  3. I think the best solution is to bomb the Ethiopian niggers with chemical and biological weapons, in order to make sure those monkeys won't forget themselves and try to make themselves equal to their masters

  4. I think Amre does not know what he is talking about. Go read the aticle again. I guess you got confused like SR. It is a purely Egyptian problem has nothing to do with Ethiopia

  5. Zeinobia. I have an idea to you that is unrelated to today's topic. Your blog is really successful and you are winning friends every day. Good for you. Why dont you also create a special email adress to those who want to confide to you. There is a lot of things one might have that need to be said in private. deliver special info to you or whatever. Every one like to develop private sources for info. That will also help to avoid the occasional confrontation between some audiet. Think about it. Nermeen

  6. Ashraf Marway committed suicide hahaha I told you. you didnt even put it in your voting options. Read Al Ahram and the BBC

  7. Abo El Ghait is just an Asshole that is All. Read what he is bulshitting " I WANRNNED the United States of America of the ANGER of the Egyptians" What is hell that means in diplomacy. A Minister of a Developing Country is WARNNING the Super Power of the world. Not only that but also hylighting" The Anger of the Egyptians is BAD" that has only one meaning to me. That we have trained terrorists that we might use against USA if we get Angery. Stupid asshole. Sorry that I got out of the topic

  8. anonymous, we can simply start activating our frozen nuclear and strategic missiles programmes like the condor2. We could also end the American existance in the middle east, by simply adoting an anti-american tone in our official discourse, and using our film and dama capabilties to highlight anti-ameican veiws.

    Bottom of the line Americans must be good boys and not make egyptians angry

  9. @Dr.SR, I swear I didn't blame those who built the dam nor I did blame the African countries ,I am talking about 100% national problem and all what I want to say is that if we consider the Nile is so important that we are going to war for it
    and if we take more than our share than the rest of the Nile Basin country
    so on earth there are villages now without water in Egypt right now ??
    @Waguih I think you misunderstood me and you should read the above reply
    @Amr , being White is not a reason for this racist comments , I mean come on President Nasser your hero was a very close friends to the Africans and the Ethiopians
    another thing what brought the Ethiopians to this national problem , it is not their problem from near or far for God Sake !!
    and I did not and I don't blame them
    @anonymous at last someone got what I want to say , thanks heaven , please tell them

  10. @Nermeen , thanks dear for the idea , already I am posting my email in my blogger profile page if anyone is interested ,I will think to post it in the blog itself , thanks again for the nice idea :)
    @anonymous2 , I don't buy it , for God Sake Soad Hosni committed suicide and Lathy Nassif committed suicide ,and now Marwan , sorry I don't think
    already I am going to write again in this topic just wait
    @Ahmed Abu El-Gait is the worst Foreign minister Egypt have ever seen since the first cabinet in the 19th century
    Please stop reading his statements otherwise you will have a nervous breakdown
    @Sinia Lion ,I think you misunderstood what anonymous said , he doesn't like the arogant statements of Abu El-Gait who is acting according the Egyptian proverb "Hasna wana Sadik"

  11. I looked in your profile page for your contact info or email as you once said to Nermeen but there is nothing there

  12. really anonymous , I did not know before , I will check it and fix :)


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