Friday, August 31, 2007

10th anniversary of Diana's death marked

 I still remember her ,I liked this woman so much whether she was with Dodi or not

I felt and I believed she was a victim , a young girl who thought that being a princess was great but in the end it turned to be a nightmare 

She wanted to have a normal life in all possible way loving husband , less protocol life , normal kids , but she always found herself in a dead end

I believed that she may have found love with Dodi and may be it was better for her to die in that age ,do not get me wrong but now she is a legend and now she is more powerful than anyone can even think , and now her story became some how a sad fairy tale

I believe she was killed , the mother Queen of the future King of England ,the head of the Church should not be married from a Muslim carrying his future Muslim child

I will not speak about the tales and rumors about Diana and Islam but it is enough that she was going to marry Amad El-Fayed may Allah bless his soul

It was a fairy tale for us in Egypt , an Egyptian with the Princess of hearts Diana , the talk of the town

Most people were sad and most people if not all of them in Egypt believed it was a murder

I am going to speak again Mohamed El-Fayed ,Diana and Ashraf Marwan oh yes

by the way Do you believe she was murdered too ??

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