Friday, August 3, 2007

Some good news at last: Cairo University is the only Arabic university among the best 500 in the world

I remember from couple of years when I was in Cairo University that Cairo university dome close shootmost professors were so sad when the list came and Cairo University , the first National Arabic University was not there in the list,it was sad from them as professors and for us as students ,well students who are really care and know how important this university to Egypt and what it presented from Graduates who built this nation and shared in building this modern world

Well it turned in the last two years we made it to the list ,yes we are in the same place and it is low one but it is good then nothing

We are in the 403 rd place from the best 500 university in the world

We are the only Arabic University

Seven Israeli Universities made it to the list and I am surprised ,the Israelis got excellent Universities and research facilities

Where as 5 African Universities made it to the list, 4 in South Africa

IN the best African Universities list we are the third in the continent after two South African universities

Well believe me this is some good news in the midst of the depressing daily newsreel we watch every day

الأخبار - ثقافة و فن - جامعة القاهرة الوحيدة عربيا بين أفضل 500 عالميا


  1. The ranking of Cairo University improved because of its famous graduates, not because of its excellent staff or world class research. Just check the score of Cairo University in each of the items assessed by this study, not just the rank.

  2. Sure it is because of the graduates , forget about the world class research , we do not have research despite the serious attempt made in the university to be honest
    we won't have it as long as the regime is controlling the University

  3. Zeinobia:
    First sorry if upset many local Egyptian with this comment but I feel the issue needs to be raised. I am not surprised with the degrading standard of Egypt university (considering Cairo University the top one in Egypt ranks 403). Why I am not surprised? Just reading and hearing the cut-off of acceptance to various schools at the university level as 99% 98% and 93% (will get take you to more generic school). This is a joke! what that mean is the whole system of testing, and scalling is defficient. It depends on memorizing not on testing knowledge. These students they go to Medicine and Engineering and they start to face reality, and if by any chance go abroad they scale badly. what this tells me the whole education system needs to be re-examined, testing and assessing should be realistic then funding from government and donations from shameless rich Egyptian to be introduced. I tell this little example to young egyptian friends; my toughest exam ever was during my Master (Engineering) in canada and it was totally open book (!!).

  4. Dear anonymous you won't upset the local egyptians with this comment simply because most of them believe that this scoring system must change
    the professors in the Universities are going to be crazy ,every year the same complains , the same talk about the memorizing generations of young Egyptians who rarely use their heads
    but to be honest the regime does not want thinkers , thinkers bring mi amigo


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