Thursday, August 2, 2007

When Amina Razek turns in to Nadia El-Genndy

If anyone is not going to be in the next cabinet ,I am sure that he will be the minister of Justice Mahmoud Mari' e ,I am sure of that , the man really caused lots troubles with the judges , made things worst , of course when they chose him in the first place as punishment to the Judges .

The regime thought that it can control the judges through him ,to weaken them but instead his choice made the judges more stronger and more persistent to get back their rights

The man is so so so rude and arrogant , seriously so rude that you make you wonder how on earth he was chosen as councilor judge in the first place !!??

Already there was no friendship or no connection between him and the Judges' club what so ever , you will be surprised to know there are other channels between the Judges' club and the regime"directly the presidency" , it was rumored that one of these channels was the E.I itself , where as the channel of the minister was already closed since day one he swore the oath , again it is not their mistake , the man is so rude and arrogant "I think I said this before"

We should not forget that this minister of Justice is appointed in the government in Egypt and that means he is a regime tool , already Mari' e became a minister as award for his contribution in the first 76 article circus . Mari 'e is with the regime all the way , he hates the Judges' club and considers it a social club, his definition of the judicial independence is to be independent from everything except the government regime control where as the club is searching for the holy grail , the last hope of a peaceful change in Egypt through their just demands

I won't mention his decisions regarding their pensions or salaries or medical treatment  except that the judge who is a pro-government will get what he wants where as the judge who is free enough well .....

The Judges' Club was an enemy front for the Minister still there were other judicial boards that did not consider him an enemy  but he was insisting on losing the hearts and minds of all the judges by his rudeness

The story starts with a judge who requested to operate an open heart surgery on the expense of the state abroad as he can not afford it , the man was going to die , the minister refused to sign the treatment document as that Judge is from the Judges' club members , from those who attack the government ,it was not his problem if the man dies or not , the judges were very angry ,anyhow the matter reached to President Mubarak who was trying to be nice with the Judges and thus in a smart move Mubarak ordered that this judge must be treated abroad immediately on the expense of the state ,  the operation was successful,the judge returned home safely and as a nice gesture ,the Judge visited the president to thank him , strangely in the meeting the minister of Justice was not there

The Judges sent "a thank you " to Mubarak and "damn you" to his minister who does not know the meaning of the word justice

This was only a start , this judge "El-Manazalawy"  works in the State Council , a very important judicial board in which the cases against the state are held , and so the State Council joined the Judges' club , the State council head boss by the way is the minister  yet the State council head attacked the minister in a nature respond for his act in Councilor "El-Manazalawy" issue and so the minister could not take it anymore and opened his fire ,how on earth someone criticizes him !!??

The minister of justice in a respond attacked the head of the State Council describing him as Amina Razek , who cries to attract the media !!

For the first time in the history of Egypt the minister of justice describes a judge , a councilor , a grown-up man as the late Amina Razek !!

Amina Razek was well known for her tragic sad acting , always crying and thus it became a common saying when you accuse someone to cry like a river that he is acting like Amina Razek !!

It is a sign of disrespect and also rudeness to say it in public especially to other man , no to mention an old man with prestige like the head of the State Council

 Well the head of the State Council did not shut up , he is not an Amina Razek for sure and thus beside the very angry statement of the State Council, its head went  to the General attorney to file an insult case against the minister of justice , as he believed that the State Council was insulted by this description not only the personality of its head but what he represents

For the first time in the history of the modern Egypt

The escalation this time is more serious than ever and it did not stop here no way , as the club of the state Council "just like the Judges club, a semi syndication for them the judges of the state council" sent a detailed report directly to the President requesting him to interfere to stop the minister of justice this is number one

Number two there will be an important emergent meeting in the club of the state council to discuss the escalation against the Minister rudeness , it is not only the Amina Razek

I am so happy that those guys also joined the club of the other judges , this will enforce the judges who did not give up more than I believe getting ready for another round

Did not I tell you that Egypt got one hell of summer !??

P.S Nadia El-Genndy is the bitch bionic woman of Egyptian Cinema and she always in her movies got hit in the beginning and after that she begins her vengeance trip


  1. When Amina Rizk turns into Nadia El-Gendy.......LOL.

    Seriously speaking, that is the funniest thing I have ever heard in ages!

  2. does this the only thing you find interesting in the post ??

  3. Zeinobia I dont like to comment on Egypt's internal affairs because it makes me feel very bad (I'm serious on that)

  4. Amr ,I understand what you mean but if you don't speak about the internal affairs then we won't change anything what so ever , we are only talking for god sake
    we can't bury our heads in the sand anymore , do not forget our external position is affected directly by our internal affair


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