Egyptian Chronicles: And the verdict's came in Egypt's most chocking Rape accident

Monday, September 24, 2007

And the verdict's came in Egypt's most chocking Rape accident

I promised that I would follow the case and here I am sticking to my word .

Egypt's most shocking Rape accident ; Hend's accident , the Hend youngest mother in Egypt if you remember , already I followed up the case day by day for its importance .

Yesterday was the final day in the trial of the young man "Mohamed Samy" who was accused of raping Hend, and the verdict came in his favor : Innocence from all charges

He is innocent of rape charge as the court listened to the witnesses ,read the police statements and the three forensic reports and saw that he was not the real rapist

I won't say that I am surprised because I had my doubts from the start but kept in myself then I shared with you after the first trial in last July 2007

Already the first trial in last July showed to what direction the case Samy was moving towards to after the reports of the DNA proved that the baby "Mena Allah" is not the daughter of "Samy" ,it was a powerful scientific evidence the defense of "Samy" used in his side beside other testimonies from witnesses in the area where they are all living .

According to the newspapers when the verdict was announced the judge there was a storm in the court .

The "Samys" could not believe themselves from happiness that his mother fainted and his relatives cheered screaming the famous Egyptian slogan when they hear a verdict in their side "Long live justice"

On the other hand Hend family had a shock met with silence than the silence with broken when Hend screamed against the verdict then her screams went louder when her dad focused his anger on her and started to beat her inside the court !!

Of course the Samys made interviews where as Hend's family refused to talk to journalists and TV correspondents .

According to the Egyptian law she could appeal again ,yet it is no use because the key evidence in this case is the DNA ,also the confusion in her statements to the police creates a big gap any defense lawyer can use it in his/her client favor.

I think the one who raped her is someone very close to her a relative or someone near from the family whom she knows and fears of , if the father was not in the jail during her rape I would say the father immediately

I forget to tell you among the things the judge said in the verdict is an order for the security forces to capture the real rapist as soon as possible.

Mohamed Samy's father seemed to be a good religious man whom wasa_1190647559 all the people in his village were shocked that his son was accused by that terrible accusation , I think God rewarded the man's patience in Ramadan

About Hend ,I was from the early people who spread her news in the Egyptian Blogsphere and I want to say that by lying and jailing the wrong man because of fear she made a huge sin ,very huge sin in Islam the false testimony , she should say the truth not for her but for the poor child whom till now got no ones knows who is her father.

Hend won the sympathy of all sectors in the society ,Egypt's first lady Susan Mubarak ordered an immediate financial monthly aid and a flat to be given for her and her family ,the human rights and feminists organizations stood by her and all those who write in Egypt from big names in journalism to nicknames in blogging like me spread her case to be known internationally , in Technorati I found in my blog reaction pages I do not from what country or in what language  speaking about the Youngest mother in Egypt linking to me , all that and in return Hend disrespected us all and disrespected her little baby in the first place and accused someone innocent instead of saying the name of the real rapist

She feared a mortal human being and forgot about God , someone will say she is just a child , well this child could have sent an innocent man behind bars for 25 years not to mention and disgrace that would follow his family in a country side community !!

I am so angry from her and her family

N.B : I respect so much the way AL-Wafad daily newspaper dealt with the case , already Al-Wafad was the first newspaper to cover the accident from the beginning , in today's edition they covered the reaction of Mohamed Samy family reaction in a neutral way

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  1. If it's not his DNA, it's not his. Makes me wonder why she would pick this man as her "rapist" to begin with.

    It will be very interesting to see if the police can track down the real rapist. Since her father was in jail at the time, perhaps , as you say, someone very close to her took advantage of her.

    What was the father in jail for?

  2. Theres something that i dont understand, could it not have been a gang rape and it turned out that the sperm that made her pregnant didnt belong to him and that he did indeed rape her, there seems still to be alot of loose ends with this case?

  3. @Vagabond,I do not know why she picked him ,already there are a lot of confusion in her statements to the police and to the D.A

    I do not why he was in Jail

    @Anisa ,I thought about this ,already in the first statement she said they were four then changed her statement ,still it is not only the DNA beside the investigations of the police too which helped the accused , already as I said the girl did not stick in to one version and that's what made the police confused ,in fact her interviews to the media she always changed in details , once she said the rapist did not tell her his name and that she identified him from the police photos records despite he did not have a single record , then in another interview he told her that his was Mohamed Mamdouh !! It does not make sense for a rapist to say his name
    confusion comes sometimes from the fear
    it is a great loose end and I am sure the case won't be closed after all that media circus

  4. I am confused with the Police and prosecution system in Egypt. What century they are livng in? The DNA facts are clear, the person charged has no record how did they show his picture to her? Why did they bring it to court after it became very clear it is not him? Why didn't they spend the time following that discovery searching for the real culprit? It seems that court time and individual liberty has no value in Egypt (to keep him in jail all that time) if is a Movie I would say it is a bad one.

  5. @anonymous , what I can say , welcome to Egypt seriously speaking it is the slow judicial systems the judges themselves complained about , do you know how many cases per day in the Egyptian role courts ,it is a huge number , this is why many people do not like to go to courts to demand their rights because of the slow red tape

  6. ...She probably was willing to the dude that did this to her. I know it is still rape but...You can never tell. Just cause shes a kid dont mean shes 100% innocent.

    But yeah.

  7. It's the job of the police and prosecution to investigate and decide whether or not there is a case to be tried.

    A rape victim has no such power.

    Hend is a child who has a BABY - proof enough that she has been victimized by someone.

    All this time later I am wondering if Hend and her baby survived this incident, or have we had another (dis)honour killing to add to the grotesque suffering of females in countries that allow it.


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