Egyptian Chronicles: Sharon the second in Beirut

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sharon the second in Beirut

Sharon the first did not bring to Lebanon anything except death and destruction and Sharon the second did not bring to Lebanon anything except confusion to the security authorities there

Daniel Sharon was accidentally arrested in Beirut from couple of days during a murder investigation where at first they thought he was only a German citizen then it turned out that he is an Israeli gay who can't live without the Lebanese gays that he visited Lebanon for 11 times since 2005 !!

I will start from the beginning , from the murder which is seemed to be forgotten,all the media is concentrating on the Israeli and is forgetting the main mysterious crime where a person was found killed by his roommate the security officer's gun in the Southern Suburb , the heart of Hezbollah area in Beirut , not to mention a photocopy for an Israeli passport and an official stamp were found in the crime scene too ,then it turned out that this roommate was with his friend or boyfriend who turned to be Israeli

There are many parts here are needed to be understood , of course the quick public mind will jump to conclusion that this Israeli is a Spy who is recruiting gay men in Lebanon , of course this quick conclusion can not eliminated easily not because he got the Israeli citizenship but because of the circumstances , the strange circumstances of the incident

The frequent , too frequent visits for Lebanon in two years are not a regular thing , and I can't believe it is only for sex tourism only , as if there were no gay men in Germany !!

I mean a security officer befriends an Israeli man in what can be considered more than a friendship in to some kind of a sexual relation , the Israeli man sends him in visits outside Lebanon for several times on his expense and he facilitates things and helps him in Lebanon in return!! They did not mention what kind of visits the security officer was sent in and what kind of help that the security officer used to give to his gay friend ,of course I assume these questions will or even were asked in the intelligence sector investigation with both of them

of course this is beside the ultimate question in my mind since I read the news regarding the photocopy of the Israeli passport ,for whom was that passport ?? is it photocopy from Daniel's original passport or what ??

The timing of the murder and the arrest came at very interesting time in Lebanon after the assassination of Anton Ghanem and the near presidential elections , Ghanem was killed on the 19th of September and the police in Beirut opened the investigation in El-Shalaan murder on the dune of the 20th of September , they did not mention in the media when El-Shalaan was killed but logically he could have been killed also in the 19th of September ,interesting is n't??

It is too early to say that Daniel is a spy ,well may be not too early because in other countries quick and careful investigation would be made but this is Lebanon and this is the middle east

Already this incident made the security authorities look so careless ,it was always accused that it did not protect the politicians enough and that 's why they were killed , now Israelis come and go as they want in Lebanon , this is not the first case of an Israeli enters Lebanon with another passport from a month ago an Israeli journalist went to Beirut and caused a lot of stir and buzz

Some Lebanese wonder why his passport or his name was not curious enough for the authorities in the airport or in the Lebanese embassy to investigate him and the answer is simple he did not enter Lebanon as an Israeli ,he entered Lebanon as a German and I am sorry but there are other people in the world with strange names yet of course it is a huge mistake that a security officer to be connected with an Israeli man

The funniest thing that I found a Lebanese newspaper saying that he is from the The Sharons aka the family of Ariel Sharon !!

Sex here plays an important role , the man said that he had many boyfriends across Lebanon frankly ,I do not know if it was only for sex or what !! Of course I know that this the last thing the GLBT activists in Lebanon need from a bad publicity that their gay men are recruited by the Israeli for espionage ,again there is no official accusation but this is what the public mind is saying now there. Already this won't be the first time recruiting agents and spies by the use of Sex is so old and if you remember it is not the first case which homosexuality here plays an important role in , from couple of months we had El-Attar and before him we had Heba Salim who was a bisexual also there were other couple of cases in the 1960s the spies there were homosexual, do not forget that the refusal of the Arabic Societies to accept homosexuality as a social behavior makes many homosexuals lose their sense of belonging to their countries and societies.

I am waiting for more information to be released hopefully by the Intelligence sector in the Lebanese army ,hopefully soon

It is not an easy case as you think , it opens many doors some people prefer to be closed in Lebanon without discussion whether homosexuality or the security measures , I mean it is dangerous to have security officers to be involved in such relations,it is not only about sex but about violations of laws too

I believe that the key of the case is in the murder of El-Shalaan , I think Shalaan knew something and it was very important to get rid of him , I believe this photocopy of the Israeli passport and the official Lebanese stamp are very important evidences ,if the photocopy was for Sharon's passport than it would be a straightforward case , he knew and he was going to tell the authority and that's why he was killed

I will try to cover the story , by the way Lebanon is a very hot spot for espionage and spies since the 1950s ,huge big one , the playground of the C.I.A,KGB,Mossad and of course our own national GEI ,of course anyone who follows Lebanon very well and knows its politics and history will know that they are still there and there are also new players

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  1. your analysis is to say the least disappointing. But I guess it's normal considering you're fed and bred with conspiracy theories since birth. But before portraying yourself a 21st century Sherloke Holmes try to consider these details:
    You're not sure of your data, it's all second hand (or third hand) information, many containing contradictory information because of bad reporting, sloppy inquiry...
    And if you want to be taken seriously in your analysis, try to break away from prejudice and generalisations. It's as silly to say "homosexuals are" or "homosexuals behave" as it is to say "women think" and "women behave", or "heterosexuals believe" and "heterosexuals believe"...
    It's not always possible to put one and one together when you're surrounded with many numbers.
    I know for a fact that Daniel is not a spy, maybe you should start wondering if the Attar case is based on facts too...

  2. @anonymous and what makes you so damn Sure that Daniel is innocent !!?? do you know him personally !!??

  3. Very good report, many good questions asked, and details are very promising of a horror story in the clandestine community. I guess this "anonymous" is angry that a "3rd world" blogger, has so much details regarding a very fishy story.

    My personal point of view; this is a clandestine operation that went completely wrong. What clandestine body? what are the targets? Who is the officer behind it? what major investment/investor is the one behind it? I guess time will tell. But no doubt that someone lost his job, or at least demoted and slapped on the hand, for this otter clandestine failure.

    Anyone denies that at least one clandestine body us a part of this episode is either naive, or belives that "denial" is a river in Egypt.

  4. @egyptian tea, do you that suddenly this story disappeared from the Lebanese Media ?? No more information was published there ?? I thought that due to the sensitivity of the case ,its timing and location there will be more investigation but no
    suddenly this Israeli was deported from Lebanon and the case was closed making it a truly Arabic X-File
    about Anonymous, just leave him speak as he want


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