Egyptian Chronicles: The hunt against the Egyptian Journalists continues

Monday, September 24, 2007

The hunt against the Egyptian Journalists continues

Last week there were four chief in editors who were sent to jail and now they are five as today the court ruled to jail   :

Anwar El-Howaray , the chief in editor of Daily "El-Wafad"

Mohamed El-Galb the head of the parliament section in the newspaper

"Amir Salam" the journalist of politics affair in the newspaper


Salam-Galab-El-Howaray "from left to right"

They were sentenced to jail for two years with a fine equal 2000 E.P !!

There is a bail to stop the court order which is equal 5000 E.P for each of them

The court order came like that for publishing so-called false news that harms the Egyptian Judicial System !!!

As the Newspaper published on the last 26th of January 2007 that the minister of Justice said in the Shura council that the Egyptian judicial system is without efficiency ,the Justice is in danger and 90% of the Egyptian Judges are not efficient enough

The source of the News in Arabic

12 lawyers sued the three journalists for what they considered The headline of the 26th of January !!?? spreading false news demanding the maximum penalty as those three journalists insulted the Egyptian judicial system ....bla bla bla

12 lawyers !!?? Why did not those 12 lawyers sue the minister of Justice for his rude attacks day and night against the Egyptian Judges !!??  those 12 lawyers are from the NDP honorable members by the way just like the rest of the lawyers in previous cases

Look I do not know about this ancient news but I won't be surprised if the Minister of justice said so because this man hates the independent Judges and is rude with them

And even when you read the news they published in January I do not see any insult to the Egyptian Judicial system !!Already this news depends on the statement of the minister to the Shura council ,it is officially documented for sure in the Shura sessions journals , which were already presented to the court by the defense lawyer , for some reason it was discarded !!

I do not know I do not think this is for the Egyptian Judicial System's black eyes , I believe this is a new episode in the witch hunt of the Egyptian Journalists

In less than one month 8 journalists were sentenced to jail between 2 and four years !!

Ironically in all other cases there other side who sued the journalists and wanted a maximum penalty as a punishment is always a lawyer or two !!??

Another interesting point the court which saw this stupid case is the court of El-Warak , this court also saw the famous previous trial against Ibrahim Eissa when another lawyer "did n't I tell there is something strange !!!" sued him and his newspaper for insulting the Egyptian President  sending him to jail ,of course he had to pay a bail

It was the start of the witch hunt technically there ,

El-Wafad newspaper is published by the Egyptian Party El-Wafad , the famous opposition party , it is opposition newspaper which is used to attack the government day and night despite the fact that the head of the party now is the brother of the current Agriculture minister in the cabinet , still it is a popular newspaper , of course El-Dostor and Sowat El-Oma took the lead from it because of the freedom limit

Another bad day for her majesty ,the fourth authority in Egypt , the Journalism

Ironically I was watching an episode from the TV series "king Farouk" when I went to see the news during the commercial break , in the beginning of the today's episode King Farouk was showed so scared and worried that the Egyptian Press could know the flings of his mother in Europe and he would not be able to force any censorship on the press in that case !! This was from more than 50 years when Egypt was a constitutional monarchy

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  1. I think this is a Clear message.
    We will not tolerate any freedom of speech at this time.
    This incident is not justified at all. except to make the message clearer and clearer.
    We are all againest the journalists who publish total lies which actualy have increased lately but to imprison some of the respectable journalists is a totaly different thing. Someone is simply saying shut the hell up at this time.
    I wonder why at this time especialy.
    in the past years much more bolder publications were ignored.
    There must be somthing new the planned to be declared and it's so big that ir was decided to shut up all those who can protest and can push the ppl towards protests.
    This is not the only sign also this is the first year in which the muslim brothers were prevented from making their yearly iftar.
    And more arrests than the usual among the group.
    Along with some other incidents which makes me believe that a huge descions which is eligible for huge oppositions is on the way..
    and for the smart ppl reading this comment it is not a must that this is for the declaration of the next one !

  2. This show that there is no freedom without a fight! The people who believes in freedom will have to continue to voice their rights and fight for their freedom. Freedom for them and for their next generation! Freedom is priceless for anybody who wishes to be free. Even during the Monarchy, press are free to report anything that seems not right and the King respect and afraid of the media but he didnt punish them or jailed them. He corrected them if they make mistakes! The only King in Egypt now is Mubarak,his family and loyal followers! The rest of the Egyptian poeple are nothing but a slaves!

  3. @Alaa,yes there is something that is going to happen very soon and that 's why they are acting in a crazy way
    if I am mistaken it is the next changes in the NDP elections and hierarchy ,GM will be promoted and they do n't any opposition to that ,it is very obvious

    @anonymous unfortunately this is the fight for the last 50 years , I do not till now ,I feel very sad that Egyptians gave up freedom of press like this thanks to th revolution


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