Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Egyptian workers occupy factory

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Egyptian workers occupy factory

I received some alerts from different sources saying that currently at 12 AM and something in Gharbia there are many anti-riots and Police vehicles surrounding the factory of Misr Helwan Spinning and Weaving at El-Mahalla El-Kubra in order to end to the strike

This is biggest strike Egypt has seen from a very long time I believe , it ww2ourwar is also the first time that the workers occupy a factory in their strike with their families and children and there are fears and concerns that the Anti-riots won't be merciful with them

Look I am with these workers and I totally agree that they must take their rights back , already I read their demands before and its case is covered wonderfully in Arabawy's blog

It is not about socialism ,it is about stolen rights , these workers deserve better treatment

Oh Allah please help them

You know it is a good  , the people began to move yesterday it was the universities ,today it is the factories tomorrow ............ I do not know what there will be in tomorrow

I am happy and afraid , the security won't this pass easily , I believe more restriction will be imposed , already it is enough to see the trials of the journalists to feel where this country is going :(


  1. Zeinobia, I salute you for writing about the current struggle in Mahalla.. Though I'm republican, I'm willing to recognize you as the Queen of the Egyptian Blogosphere :) I hope you and other fellow bloggers continue posting and following up on the events in Mahalla. Also if you are interested in going up there to report on the situation yourself, let me know, and I'll put you in touch with the contacts I have. It's a great time for the people of our country to start resistance these dismal social conditions they are living under, and that's the least we can do in solidarity...
    all the best,

  2. Thanks for bringing this topic up. I really respect you going into topics that others stay away from. I am not a blogger anymore but your post made me wanna say "Good Job"

  3. I salute you too...
    and may God Bless such workers... may God bless them...

  4. I am happy to see at least there are groups of Egyptian people who dared to stand up for their rights but at the same time I feel sad because it would be better if the whole nation stand up at the same time and demand for their rights and freedom. The Egyptian people need to fight not only for now but for the next generation. If the present government accept all their demands only for this moment but what will happen to the next generation? They have to make sure that their demands are for a better future and security. Stand up everyone for your freedom and future.

  5. @hossam,thanks dear , I am not a queen or anything ,I am just doing my duty inshallah I will follow the case with my heart and my mind are with great people ,as it is our duty

    @El3en elsehray, please do not thanks me , it is our duty , I do not know why people stay away for this topic and on the same time western media is covering it ,by the way why did you leave blogging ,you were doing great !!??

    @blue,thanks dear and Amin

    @anonymous do you know that people in Egypt are silent because they are afraid on the next generation , they do not know they make even harder, even worst to the future generation

  6. Zeinobia, thanks for the nice comments, I became very busy with a new job and I am not sure if blogging is what I wanna do ......, just to draw your attention, the regime had to back-off and to do whatever it is necessary to calm Mahla worker's cause those guys are the actual threat to the system, the regime would not do the same to an activist, you know why ? cause todays activists (bloggers, party leaders, movement leaders, etc....) carry no weight to the regime and among them lots of people with twisted priorities to the point that the net effect of all activism or the real objective even became questionable. If any change would to happen it has to be driven by real genuine people like Mahla's workers, poeple in nice suits riding nice cars blogging from their laptops will not lead any freaking change.

  7. @El3en, first good luck at your work , second about we said , it is true revolution does not take place except in this class , this is the driving force ,if you remember the protests of 1977 you will know how they can turn the table over the regime , in fact now the fear of similiar yet huger protests like in 1977 is in the mind of the regime due to the huge economic problems we got nowadays
    I think the regime also feared due to many factors :Ramadan , people's anger and of course international tension it will create for itself a huge problem that may end like Mynamar


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