Friday, October 5, 2007

At last the official website of Sayed Darwish ElBahr

At last I found an official website for the great Egyptian Musician and the artist of the people Sayed Darwish Sayed-2

This website which is unfortunately in Arabic is owned by Sayed Darwish's own grand son engineer Hassan El-Bahr Darwish , the brother of the Egyptian singer Eman El-Bahr Darwish

I do not know how and from where I can speak about this great artist who lived in the early of the 20th century , may be I can say that he was the revival of the Arabic music and in his quest to liberate Egypt from the British occupation he liberated the Arabic music from the Turkish influence

That man made things till now no one could make it from music that still expresses the essence of the Egyptian people , already our national anthem is composed by him , yes it was remixed by Abd El-Wahab , by it was his original music , the words of course was for the Egyptian leader Mustafa Pasha Kamal

Darwish was really the artist of the people ,do you know that he made songs for almost all the sectors of the Egyptian people , mainly the working classes ,he made songs for different professions like waiters ,water transporters ,road name ,you just name it

there were short songs for different places in Egypt from the Upper Egypt to the Delta to his great Love to his home town in Alexandria

He made even songs about the different ethnics in Egypt back then like the Sudanese ,Greeks Turks

Not to mention his musical plays and Operettas

If you know Arabic,you visit this wonderful treasure website and get lost for hours between the huge information , the songs ,the lyrics history and even the musical notes too.

A great history for a great man

This site must be translated to English

Sayed Darwish ElBahr

Just on the victory's eve

By the way here is the full national Egyptian Anthem "Biladi Biladi" from the Egyptian Radio in 1950s , the complete version before Abd El-Wahab remixed it in the 1979 to become our national anthem ,it was sang by the beautiful voice "Karm Mahmoud"

Here are the original lyrics it was based upon "Mustafa Pasha Kamal" Speech Sayed Darwish had heard when he was a little boy attending a speech for the Pasha in a club in Alexandria

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Also here is something very special , a part from his Operetta "Scheharazde" sang by the wonderful voice of Soad Hosni in her film "Amira My love"

This Operetta was about Princess Scheharazde "originally not Egyptian" who found herself in the charge of country "Egypt" going to war , this part showed her inspiring the soliders of her army promising them with a big reward for whom ever put the flag of the country high on the enemy land ,then she farewells them ,after that we found "Zaboula" is the lucky man who gets his reward which is to marry the princess and carries her father's sword to become the prince of the country ,of course between all this "Zaboula" will leave his true love yet he won't leave the beautiful "Horrya" {Mermaid} the maid in the palace for the eyes of the promotion

The Operetta story and lyrics were written by famous legendary Poet Biriam El-Tounsi ,it was presented by the ensemble of Sayed Darwish in 1921 , many fantastic patriotic songs were taken from that specific operetta already you read the plot  you will see that nationalistic part in it , the preference for everything  Egyptian , the greatness and bravery of the Egyptian army , it is enough to know that the song "I am the Egyptian" one of the greatest work for Darwish and Tounsi was in that Operetta , I have it by the way but I won't post it this time Anyhow this is a short remix for several scenes in the operetta , first the speech and promise scene than the farewell than the reward,you will find that Shekih Sayed "he was originally graduated from Al-Azhar" had a great music capabilities

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Why do I post this part specifically today ??

Because there is stanza in the operetta that says

"The best armies in the nations are our armies

In the hard times come and see us

When the enemy army  comes and attack us

Nothing can ever stop us "

Come on it is the arm forces day in Egypt and I like to celebrate it


  1. that is great ! but the link of sayed ' s darweesh site doesnt work!!!! i m really disappointed

  2. I am sorry Sally ,it used to work fine in the past , may be it is down only and insh Allah it will return so soon


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