Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Sunnis will rule ...!!

My Mom told me that our maid during the time of the deadly rumor regarding President's Mubarak health had been so concerned and sad. My mom asked her what she thought about the rumor and she told her

Heavens forbid if anything happens to the President , if he dies we are doomed !!

My mom was amazed and asked her why !!??

Well the answer was as follows

My daughter "did not complete her education"told me that if Mubarak dies the Sunnis will rule Egypt !!

I know it may sound strange because it does not make Sense Because Egypt is a Sunni Muslim country and surely the one who will rule after Mubarak will be a Sunni Muslim

Well what this uneducated woman meant was that the Islamists would rule Egypt like the MB just like the media is promoting outside and inside

You see for the popular classes in Egypt in the old days those men who used to have beard are called Sunnis as following the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" ,the terminology decades later became associated with religious people , of course it is wrong because it depends on external appearance and wrong stereotyping anyhow for some classes the MB and the so-called Islamist groups are considered Sunnis because of their beard and their religious talk !!

The interesting point of view is not how that lady or her daughter classify the MB or the So- called Islamist groups but the interesting point how they are frightened that these people will rule certainty after Mubarak , that we are doomed after his death just like the media is saying in the official TV and Newspapers , mostly official TV ,the old same boggy man Mubarak is using to scare the west with.

This is the silliest thing , you know those groups would take over if there were no system or chaos in the country , people there are security forces and most important there is a neglected force everyone is forgetting on purpose that is the army not to mention there is still a constitution in that country ,yes nobody respects it but still provides guide lines

What that lady or her daughter mentioned is what is known in political terminology as a revolution and according to the revolution definition it is made by a large group of people and accepted by the majority in case of the Islamists , yes religion can play a significant role here but the people in Egypt are mature enough to know the one who is using religion to get the rule and who is understanding religion wrong , we also we must not forget that the Egyptians are not rebellious by their nature ,they will rebel against the invaders but no against their native rulers and the examples go back to many centuries even B.C time .

We are now are ruled by a police state system and that state I believe in these circumstances can't be changed except by a coup led by the army ,yes I Know it is not the best option for democracy but let's not forget there are good example for a coup like General Sawar El-Dahab in Sudan or even General Mohamed Naguib in Egypt regardless of the disastrous results afterwards , those men wanted to have democracy in their countries using peaceful way like elections and going back to the constitution but they had to use force to change the old system.

Anyhow back to our dear maid and her daughter who are representing a huge segment of people in Egypt affected by the official media , we can't say the official media does not affect them because if it does not affect them ,the regime will use other methods to brain wash the people , yes it is a brain wash , I remember when Ayman Nour was arrested the tabloids following the court's order was speaking about his and his wife life style that contradicted with the Egyptian society traditions with pictures attending celebrations in the American Embassy "as if there were the only Egyptians attending them , what about the officials !!" and believe it or not a friend of mine believed it and kept attacking Nour and his wife !!

I believe that segment of people is the one with  "I can't find the correct words" less public information , less knowledge , it has nothing with education I do not know , I met people graduated from universities and working in a very prestigious jobs in multi international companies and have the same belief like our maid from the country side ,the official media machine does not play in vain with all these millions !!!


  1. Majority of Egyptuians are sunni Muslims- but Egypt is not a muslim country. COUNTRIES DON'T HAVE RELIGON. EGYPT'S OFFCIAL NAME IS THE " ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT" FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE "UNITED ARAB REPUBLIC".........

    Honestly speaking, I have been observing the M.B discourse for a long time. They are hypocrytical and they are penetrated by Iran-the enemy of our nation. It is clear that their leaders are influnced by the Irani malicious safavids. They are following the " Taqiya principal" for they negotiate with the Americans, they turn a blind eye to the Irani crimes IN AND OCCUPATION OF iRAQ . THEY DELIBERATELY overlook the the cruical Irani particpation in the invasion of Iraq.

    They one thing regarding copts and civil liberties, negotiate with the govenment, they are supposed to be oppsing. But when they get into power they will reveal their blue fang!!

    One of their main icons a writer by the name of Fahmy Howaidy, who is presented as intellectual figure in Egypt, is actually a medicoral ill-informed, inconsitent outdated man who can't write anyhing more than elemntary school comåposition pieces. What is worse, he is going back and forth from Iran 10 times a year!!!!!! A very dubious relation.

    Finally , the most important thing- which is th MB vision for Egypt. MB are reactionary and lack a consistent vision for the future of Egypt. what they will do will be a deconstruction medival project. And if they happen to jump into power, it will take the Egyptians 60 years to realaize what sort of deep mess they have plunged themselves into.

    the stupid murderous retards of Ian like Khomeini and Khameini and Najad have enough oil resources to finave their nationalistc stupid projects hiiden behid a religous cloack. Alas, Egypt lacks the huge natural wealth enjoys. Therefore, the rule of MB will be disastrous to Egypt. I rembered I watched Amr Adib on el quahira wel nas speaking. I couldn't stop myself laughing at his ignorance. If that man rules Egypt. I will comit suicide.

    It is worth mentioning here, tht M.B branch in Iraq joined the traitor Vichy IRANIAN GOVERNMENT.

  2. I forgot to mention, aNWAR eLÖ-SADAT IN HIS LAST SPEECH IN SEPTEMNER 1981 SAID" WE ARE aRABS AND mUSLIMS AND FOR US THERE IS NO SUCJHT ING AS "TAQEYA"..... that is after the criminal demogogic terroris khomeini asked Egyptians to kill their president

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  4. For once I totally agree with your friend Amr; the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 1928 as a religious and quasi-political counterweight to the monarchy in presumably to resist colonial governments dominating the Islamic world, always has had two faces: one a peaceful public, proselytizing and social-welfare oriented wing; like what you hear the talking about in today’s political arena in Egypt. The other face, a clandestine, paramilitary wing doing all evil connections with MI6, and the CIA to topple undesirable regimes { like Naser and after him Sadat (after finishing his assigned job with the peace treaty) } . Similar job was assigned to the Iranian Komeini to oust the undesirable Mossadek, then the Shah (when he showed that he started to care about his people more than the Oil empire in the US &UK). Their connection with the CIA and Israel (re; the Iran Contra Affair) is quite similar to the M.B & MI6. The same argument you will find about Israel secretly sponsoring creation of “Hamas” to offset Arafat’s group. If you Google Muslim Brotherhood, MI6, CIA you will find loads of info supporting this argument. I think your une-ducated maid is much wiser than what you think.

  5. Amre and Ohio , here I am not speaking about the MB nor their history and whether they are good or bad ,I am speaking about other issue
    Do you think that if Mubarak dies they will jump in to the rule ??

    Amre please stop accusing other people with treason by visiting to Iran , I respect Fahmi Howdy and what he write

    @Ohio do you think that the Arfat group is so great that Israel is supporting secertly Hamas , oh may be this is the wildest thing I have heard,I am sorry but everyone knows Fatah is so corrupted and it is enough what Dhalan had caused from harm to Egypt

  6. I will join my voice to the first commentator about Fahmy Howaidy (ex-communist) & MB view of Egypt Future...

  7. Your reaction to comments sometimes falls under the label ‘amusing’. You throw a subject for discussion and in your mindset people comments within few words left, right , up or down are OK outside that is considered ‘out of topic’. For example, Amr’s reaction including Irans example, you consider it out of the main topic << Egyptian reaction to M.B governing Egypt following Mubarak’s death>>!!!. The Iranian system is a copy of what the M.B preaches in terms of governing. They ousted the Shah, they pretended “big time” to be the US enemy and Israel’s enemy.. then what? They accepted to cooperate with the CIA and Israel to acquire arms to use in the war with Iraq. Doesn’t this look to you as two faced entity , similar to what I quoted about the M.B. cooperation with the US and the UK against Nasser, then against Sadat { in Sadat’s case he became so internationally popular and Israel& US thought he will ask too much in his pursuit of peace with Israel on behalf of the other Arab countries and Palistines – he must be replaced with a more compliant (not so popular) person ‘here comes Mubarak”. The example I used regarding Arafat and Assad; they were secular a bit popular among Palestinian and Syrians this drives them to ask too much for any agreement/settlement , the best way t get rid of them/or/weakens them is through religious group along the line M.B. here comes Hamas. Oops I’m out of topic now !!

  8. Guys I am not talking here about the MB again and how bad or good they are , I am speaking about other thing , hello
    what I want to say that the official media machine is promoting to the illustion that without Mubarak the bad of the villians of the world will rule Egypt what ever they are

    seriously how do you think the MB will jump in to the rule after Mubarak that easy , let's talk logic here for once

  9. YES Zeinobia, it is granted!
    the official media in Egypt is insanely illusive, I no longer stand looking at Al-Ahram Headlines

  10. we are distened to waste ourlives balancing between the bad, the worse & the worst
    Autocrat Regime
    RAdical Anarchist Opposition
    Stagnant Reactionary Society

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  12. Fine.. all appearances and media coverage do not support the idea/theory of M.B's capability of jumping to power post Mubarak. What Egyptian citizens however, especially the young generation need to do is to keep a "questioning attitude": we know as a fact that this system is rotten does alternative a), or b) however, will do us any better? Based on their history, background and uncovered hidden agendas. If not (god forbid), may be they need to accept the evil they know in lieu of the monster evil the majority don't know much about.

  13. I've been offline for a few days so this is prob. a little late...

    I do understand what Zeinobia is trying to explain. She is basically saying that Egypt will not fall into a state of chaos and turmoil if the current president dies. No nation is dependent on 1 person. Life will continue without the pharoah and his crew if they r no longer in the picture. I'm sure those guys in Washington have a fair idea of who they want 2 replace the current pharoah. Maybe it will be the son or maybe someone from the Intelligence. Highly unlikely the MB will come into power unless they want to isolate Egypt internationally as they have Gaza..Who knows. But Egypt will continue and this state of fear that is instilled in the people regarding the chaos that would erupt if the president died or if one of his hand-picked minions replaced him is ridiculous. But clever cuz it is essential in controlling a large population and preventing massive uprisings and unrest.

    This technique is used in the USA. Here, they use the fear and threat of terrorism. They have these terror alerts. Orange alert, purple alert, green alert. People run out and buy water bottles and plywood to barricade themselves..oh and let's not forget the candles..in case the hydro goes. It's a great way to control the masses and run any country in the manner the establishment wishes. Keep them busy shopping at malls and buying stuff they don't need. Consumerism thrives.

    So no...Egypt will be fine...maybe the new pharoah might not be as big a thief as the current one and his mafia are. Allahu a3lam.

  14. At last someone understood what I want to say , strangely everyone ignored the part regarding Ayman Nour and how the official media protrayed him
    about the MB regardless of their program which they announced and I do not like it is quite different from Hamas , do not forget Gaza is not a country nor even a complete state , here it will be different situation

  15. I dont understand why egyptians are more concerned about the current president and afraid if he dies, Egypt will be doomed. Even with the current President, Egypt is already doomed with lots of debts, stolen of billions of money and people are living below poverty and there is no freedom at all.

    If a person is not given a chance to perform or show his leadership, how could we know that he is capable of doing his job? Like fresh graduate from Uni. who applies for a job, if they are not given a chance to proof themselves, how they going to get a job or skill and experience!

  16. @anonymous This is what I am trying to say ,thanks really thank youn


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