Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Annapolis ,building castles in the air

Without fancy introduction I do not put hopes on Annapolis at all , the Arabs will go there and return back with nothing simply sorry they give and return back with nothing

Seriously I do not know why 16 Arab countries are going to attend the meeting , first the main countries in the meeting that will have direct talks are : Israel and the Palestinian authority representing only half of the Palestinian territories ,as the other half is under Hamas' rule, these Arab countries agreed to stick to the Arab initiative Saudi Arabia proposed in the Beirut Arab Summit 2002, the same initiative Israel refused totally so I do not know what the rest of the Arab countries other than  Syria are going to do , they have no business what so ever there , as long as the Saudis swore that they won't shake hands with Israelis at least in front of the cameras

And even Syria is going with lots of doubts that in any progress , they said that the Golan must be on the table if the Israelis want any Peace talk in the first place , well I doubt that the Israelis will put anything on the table , the Israelis do not want land for Peace , they want security for Peace ,even the talk about dividing Jerusalem an Arab section and Israel section in the end it is only talk ,they won't give one inch back from Jerusalem especially the holy Mosque to the Arabs and you know before I know why , we must stop fooling ourselves .

Lebanon is going to ,I do not how and why , already internationally Shabaa farms are recognized as part from the Syrian territories occupied in 1967 in a very big historical mistakes we the Arabs made in the first place and I would like to discuss it later , already there is a rumour that there will be no president for Lebanon till Annapolis finishes , I do not see a direct connection actually.

The Americans and Israelis think that this is just like the famous Sadaat visit to Tel Aviv from 30 years , well there is a huge difference Sadaat went there as a victorious not as a weak beggar pushed by the United States !!!

Bush administration is searching for some victory , a lonely victory to be added before he leaves the white house in 2008 , they lost hope in having victory in wars and so they are trying their luck in finding victory in Peace

In hell !! Let them all go and visit Annapolis


  1. see article below by Francis A boyle, 2002.

    "The paradigmatic example of a "crime against humanity" is what Hitler and the Nazis did to the Jewish people. This is where the concept of crime against humanity came from. And this is what the U.N. Human Rights Commission determined that Israel is currently doing to the Palestinian people: crimes against humanity. Legally speaking, it is just like what Hitler and the Nazis did to the Jews."............

    ..........."We must immediately move for the de facto suspension of Israel throughout the entirety of the United Nations system, including the General Assembly and all U.N. subsidiary organs and bodies. We must do to Israel what the U.N. General Assembly has done to the genocidal rump Yugoslavia and to the criminal apartheid regime in South Africa. Here the legal basis for the de facto suspension of Israel at the U.N. is quite simple:
    As a condition for its admission to the United Nations Organization, Israel formally agreed, inter alia, to accept General Assembly Resolution 181 (II) (1947) (on partition and Jerusalem trusteeship) and General Assembly Resolution 194 (III) (1948) (Palestinian right of return). Nevertheless, Israel has violated its conditions for admission to U.N. membership and thus must be suspended on a de facto basis from any participation throughout the entire United Nations system."

    But read the article it is very relevant to Annapolis and any future dealing with the zionist colony.

    (see also
    November 26, 2007
    Fantasy vs. Reality in Palestine-Israel
    Heading for Annapolis

  2. @almasri alhor ,this is very interesting and true article , but it is easy to talk than to do anything
    no country has violated the UN and security council orders like Israel till now
    and still it is there
    it is a double standards world I am afraid my friend

  3. Hello Zenobia,
    I totally agree with what you wrote.
    But the zionist colony flouts international laws because we Arabs are fast asleep! We have to wake up and get rid of our dictator rulers and start standing up for our rights as countries and as an Arab Nation. At the moment the USA and UK zionist-controlled governments (and others) are walking all over us in the Middle East!

    [By the way I am writing to you with the hope that others will read and spread the word - I don't have a blog my self yet...

    Thank you for not blocking my reply. I wish you continued success with your bolg. It is very interesting.]

  4. @almasri,thanks for your nice words , already you are totally welcome
    this is what America and Israel fight any democratic state in any Arab country and the examples are many

  5. Dear Zeinobia ... Annapolis was a Public Relation campaign for Bush. Nothing more..

    I liked your your profile, and the theme of your blog .. Will visit you later ... Keep posting

    Izzat Sajdi

  6. @Space , first thanks and welcome to my blog anytime
    second well actually it is made to mend Bush's image but not for his campagin because already he is not running for presidency as the American constitution says that every president got two periods only , it is not like us to infinite !!!
    Just trying to make any success what so ever whether in war or Peace


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