Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Release those professors now

I do not know what technological and scientific advance this regime is speaking about when it jails some of the best university professors in Egypt and send them to stand in front of the a military court !!

I am speaking of those honourable men standing currently in front of a military court ,whose only guilt is their belonging to the Muslim brotherhood

By the way I heard that these men are separating between their academic life and their political life

I found this in Hatshepsut's blog and I thought it is worth to be spread online "Click on them please for a better view"


















You may agree or disagree with what the MB believe in and think but if you believe in democracy and freedom than you must agree those men ,especially those men should not stay for another second in jail , their place is not in jail , it is not in military court ,it is the in university class rooms

By the way the medical conditions of some of those honourable men are not good at ,they could die in jail from implications


  1. freedom or not, democracy or not, fuck MBs in all and every case, let them rot in custody.

    the first step toward democracy is to get rid of MBs, they confiscate the opposition as well as the regime confiscate the cabinet

  2. I am afraid that democracy is one package you can't divide it and if you are against unjustice then you must stand with those people
    those people who want them to be rotten in jail as you said some of them are great scientists that the UNESCO and UN attacked your regime for arresting them
    the first step toward democracy is to respect each other

  3. "....the first step toward democracy is to get rid of..."

    I'm afraid you don't have a clue what justice or democracy is aardvark.

    It's up the the rule of LAW to determine someone's "rottability" factor.

  4. dear Zeinobia

    in response to your pathetic cry to sympathize with MB detainee, (a call that find occasionally some space at non arab readers), i invite you to take a look:


  5. Ok but the post and the comment you post the link too are all about Abd El-Manam Mahmoud , the MB blogger , in fact attacking him and this is not the first time I read an attack on Mahmoud , Sandmonkey wrote another long post attacking him too
    Look I don't care what he writes and does at El-Dostor newspaper
    It is a matter of principle
    You know I give you an example Nawra Nagm and Wael Abbas had arguement that Nawra is defending that British girl who praisde Bin Laden and was punished by jail
    Wael said why and how come
    She told him one thing it is a matter of principle , she stood and still is standing with Abd El-Karim Soliman despite she refuses totally what he is calling too ,on the same level she is with that girl Samina , despite she refuses what the later wrote
    I stand with the MB detainees in the same way I stood with Talaat El-Sadaat and is still standing with Ayman Nour

  6. OK Zeinobia, i understand you are writing basis on your principles

    that is fine

    i wish you read Piso's part abput (Fish memory)


  7. @aardvark , I do not like Piso nor does he like me :(

  8. He He He He :)))

    really lol !, how obnoxious !!

    well, i can't blame neither you nor him, and i can't deny he really stuck a nerve !!


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