Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MTV Arabia is here

As if we are really in a desperate need for another Music Video Channel !! And it is not like any other channel it is the MTV Channel directed to the Arab world

MTV Arabia is here and on the Nile Sat ,it is not scrambled anymore ,  it is free to all the viewers , already the MTV Europe on Showtime Network was stopped from airing and MTV Arabia took its place.

Well for sure the MTV Corp. found the Arabia region is one hell of a golden mine especially regarding Music vide channels , yes they came late , but they came with one hell of a brand name and from a marketer's point of view their only competitors in the region are  Melody Hits in my opinion because already Melody Hits Channels were made to be the MTV of the middle east , in fact I think the effect of Melody Channels in Egypt and in the Arab world was the same effect MTV made when it started to air in 1970s , a shock to the society till became a very strong brand. Already believe it or not Gamal Marwan proposed to buy a franchise of MTV in the beginning as I read but they refused , they thought the Arab youth are not cool enough may be and SO Marwan along with Amr Diab , Naguib Sawiris "before their quarrel and lawsuits" and Nasif Kazman made their Melody Empire and destroyed the minds of the Arab youth from the Gulf to the Ocean !!!  Of course after the huge rush of the Music video channels afterwards MTV regretted their decision ,still I think those people do not regret so much they started to act immediately it is never too late !!

It is not a sole MTV ownership , it is a partnership with a gulf 160_ap_mtvarabia_071118media company in Dubai.

The channel will present 80% of western music and 20% Arabic music with less nudity than the original MTV Channels, well judging  MTV Europe "I did not see the MTV America" Melody Hits presents more nudity. Of course I do not know if they are going to represent their silly Reality Shows here or not .

Another thing why I chose Melody Hits the primary channel as their competitor , well because they also present western music the percentage is 50%-50% this time. We also should not forget that Melody was the organizer of the top A-List music events in Egypt . Rotana is only Arabic music channel, Mazika despite the western songs in it , its only competitor , direct competitor is Rotana due to the rivalry of the two mother company in the Music business

I do not know as if we need another Music channel and it is not like any channel for God Sake it is the MTV !! I will not speak about the effect of the MTV in America because it is well known and that's what scares me especially the empty heads youngsters percentage are increasing rapidly from the gulf to the Ocean.

How many are the music channels on the Nile Sat ,the Number one Satellite in the Arab world ?? The Nile Sat seems to me to have only Music channels , Religious channels and Iraqi channels !!

I guess the religious Channels are the nature respond on the Music channels and both by the way are radical , the famous Newton's law for every action there is reverse reaction equal in everything , the Iraqi channels ,well for everything single sect and tribe in Iraq there is channel .

I Wonder why this gulf company instead of having the MTV in the middle east , did not bring the Discovery or the National geography channels in Arabic instead?? "My greatest dream ever :)"

till now it is not officially broadcasting ,it is just testing but if it starts  airing officially and makes a huge success I think Marwan will begin one hell of a war against them

I have not watched the MTV Arabia yet I want to know to which social class it will speak to it , if they target the A Class in the Arab world , they would be fool because this class already does not like to communicated with in Arabic but in English and already they do not watch Arabic channel but western Channels

I do not like the website of MTV Arabia by the way and also My favourite MTV Channel or a channel that is owned by MTV is VH1 Europe because it airs oldies , for God Sake I saw a performance for the Eagles on Stage singing their masterpiece "Hotel California" back to the 1970s !!??


  1. Interesting post. If the youth of the Middle East follow the youth of the West then politicians and moneymakers can continue to sell and market their products. Excellent strategy. Distract them with tunes and SEX and they won't have time to demand political change or their rights. With music comes drugs as well. So you can keep the youth busy with this as well. Let's face it, most of the music made today is mass produced garbage whether in the West or abroad. Ex. Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Hayfa Wehbe and most of the female lebanese singers.So a cheap product is produced that gives great returns. It's all about economics.

  2. @anonymous, you got it even better the use of entertainment to make the people forget what they really need , of course beside other factors or means like religion and Sports !!
    The fearful thing is that Music is already there and Drugs are already :(
    creating empty young heads means destroying the future :(

  3. This is the classic "growth" problem in economics. Capitalism means buyers are always being marketed the latest and greatest in a disposable society. Sucess is company growth which is new sales. No need to mention the damage on the environment and society that's pre-occupied with music cd's, ipods, cars etc. Buying things makes people feel good as we're trained to always want new things. What about the members of society who are not part of this?

    Is this where Egypt wants to go? I wonder.


  4. @Sameh, yes MTV is a product of Capitalism but it is targeted to the Egyptians thank God after watching their opening I knew that they are targeting the GUlf citizens , the money rules

  5. Hello, im from Portugal, and i enjoy a lot your blog.



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