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Egyptian X-files : Charlie Wilson's visit

This story is dedicated to all those who thought that our hero can be our next president after Mubarak !! "Thank God I never respect him at all"

Our story would never have been known if Tom Hanks had not decide to produce "Charlie's Wilson War" the film which now is on my " Films charliewilsonswar_posterjpeg I want to watch" list to see our hero . Our hero already had an infamous reputation in Egypt every body knows about ,this is just a new chapter in his book of scandals which prove that he did not deserve the position nor the respect that he was given and it makes me wonder about how valid his decisions in his very critical position in very critical time "late 1970s and early 1990s" were.

I expect that this will be the new 2008 Press talk for the next couple of weeks , already our hero was a hot meal for them in mid 1990s with scandals .

Before I will start our little X-file which is not a real X-file or enigma but more it will ask X-Questions I doubt that I will find answers for them any sooner ,I must clarify some points.

First Who is Charlie Wilson ??

He is not our hero but he is very special American personality in the world of international politics , Charles Nesbitt Wilson a former naval WK-AK687_TVREVI_20071220195239 officer and member for the democratic party in the House of the Representatives from 1973 to 1997 ,which is a very long time but do not surprise because this man was more than a representative , he led the American congress in supporting the CIA operation to support the Afghans in the their war against the Soviets ,the thing which is considered now by many as like fostering the new radical terrorism which would attack America decades later

You can know more about Charlie here

Currently there is a film nominated for several Golden Globes awards and expected to be nominated for the Oscars in the cinema about Charlie Wilson's war role based on a book with the same title where our little story is mentioned in details

Now to our little Story and our dirty X-File :

We are in 1980s I think ,Charlie had a very nice idea in his plan to support the mujahideen to convince the world that they did not get any foreign support by fighting with Soviet weapons claiming that the Afghans captured those weapons , from where they would get those Soviet weapons , no other Country except Egypt which had then warehouses of old Soviet Weapons , do not forget for whole two decades in 1950s and 1960s we used to have arms from the Soviets ,but now we were then and are now with the Americans

Charlie wanted Egypt to export those Soviet weapons to the Afghans ,he could go directly to the President , especially such important strategic decision must be taken by the President himself , AG I do not know if he were President Sadaat or Mubarak , but I think he was Mubarak , instead he went directly to the Defense Minister then Field Marshal Mohammed Abu Ghazala , and this is the "X" Part in our story Why he went to the defense minister and did not go to the President ,already I do not think this story happened in the time of President Sadaat because the man would have supported the Afghans immediately , already he was against the Soviet invasion , it can be in the time of Mubarak still the question why Charlie went to the minister and did not go the President for this strategic decision

Anyhow according to Charlie and his book he did not go and visit Abu Ghazla alone , but he took with him a friend , a friend from the lonely Star state , the divorced mother of two Carol Shannon , Shannon already had a relationship with Wilson during that time,still he did not introduce her to the Egyptian minister as his girl friend by as An American Belly Dancer ,oh Belly Dancer in the country of Belly Dancing ,just like selling water in the water carriers ally !! I think Wilson may have known Abu Ghazala before in order to come to his place as far as I understand with a female companion who had a very interesting object I will talk about it later , surely it Fort Worth Star-Telegram photo by Tom Pennington  Carol Shannon picks out a dress for the New York premiere of “Charlie Wilson’s War” at a mall in Fort Worth.was not his office at the ministry because the visit sooner turned in to a party ,and this why I know that he knew him very very well before because he knew which path he would take in order to convince the man. Another vital proof to enforce this is the fact that Abu Ghazala used to be our Military attaché in Washington D.C in 1970s till the death of Defense minister Ahmed Badawy when he returned back home to replace him as the minister of Defense and military production in the late 1970s

And here is the juicy part in Charlie Wilson's war ,forget his affairs and concentrate to the following

Just like Salome danced naked in order to get the head of John , 1salome2 Carol danced with a sword to make the field Marshal agree to send the Soviet arms to the Afghans and believe me she did not strip completely like Salome but she knew very how to turn the Egyptian on, She used a sword and laid it flat on the defense minister's head then slid it toward the ear like she was going to cut it off. Then she ran the sword down his chest to his belt buckle !!

One dance to remember , already Carol remembers the incident till now and she remembers how the body guards hurried to get the sword from her hand but the minister who was very pleased said it was OKAY !!!!

Next day Charlie got a very big approval and the weapons went to the Afghans because Carol danced very well !!

Of course the wild imagination will make you wonder about how the Amar night was ended despite Carol did not mention that anything sexual happened afterwards but of course with the name of Abu Ghazala and surely the ghost of Field Marshal Abdel Hakim Amar will make you think of that

Already in my dictionary Charles Wilson acted like a Pimp and Shannon was his prostitute he offered to the womanizer in the suite with my all respect, yes it is a dirty game but you have to name things with its right names

Al-Arabiya website which adores this kind of juicy sexy stories in order to defame Egypt contacted some figures Dr. Mahmoud El-Gama ,the Physician of President Sadaat and close friend and Nabil Sharaf El-Din, the pro-American journalist to ask them about the incident and the both denied it ,of course they said that it took place during Sadaat , but I do not think so ,it is much easier to throw to it to the dead man's era ,not a living man who is working as a President. Already I do not know who they are exactly to judge in such secret thing , El-Gama is not that close to the military institution and Sharaf El-Din was a small journalist then whether in time of Sadaat or early time of Mubarak !!!

Still this story can find a place in the Egyptian mind to be accepted as reality even if it was not true due to his previous sex scandals

There were rumors in the Egyptian society saying that the man had an affair with an actress whom I will not say her name , but she is blonde and used to be a good will Ambassador for the UN ,I think the Egyptians and Arabs will know her ,the gentle man prefers them blonde !!!

Then came the big scandal that made him disappear from the public life till now : The Lucy Artin-Gate

Who is Lucy Artin ??

Lucy Artin is very beautiful sexy business woman and Socialite whose cousins are the famous Nelly and Labala the famous cinema stars , she is from an Armenian origin .

In 1993 Rosa-Youssef journalist then Wael El-Abrashi exposed in the Lucy Artian on the left famous tabloid magazine that Lucy had relations with high profile personalities in Egypt including Abu-Ghazala and that she used this relation in order to win a dispute on a piece of land against her former husband.

According to the investigations ,there were taped calls between Artin and those officials including the field Marshal , the calls according to Al-Abrashi who had read the transcripts of the official investigation ,were sexually explicit in hard way that he had to remove the sexual terms when he published the exposé. Al-Abrashi says that honestly the man did not speak much and that Lucy did not speak so dirty with him still .. it is bad scandal

A Presidential Decree after this scandal came with a dismiss of his position in what was considered then the biggest corruption case in 25 years. Lucy became a star as the rule and a minister , a governor and other high profile officials were fired from service

The Lucy Artin-Gate reminded the Egyptians with the scandals of Field Marshal Amar in 1960s

Already you must know in the last Presidential elections the name of Abu-Ghazala came from ashes as a rival to Mubarak , some said that he is military and respected !! People and Press began to speak about a hidden war between them. Abu-Ghazala left his position in what some believed another chapter in the war between them , you see it is quite logic in a country like Egypt ruled by originally the army that the President gets rid from any figure in the army that has either a popularity or power enough to lead a coup against him , the golden lesson that was learned by Presidents Mubarak and Sadaat from the Nasser-Amar war and the price Egypt had paid because of it , President Sadaat got rid from El-Gamsi , President Mubarak got rid of Abu-Ghazala. Some people especially from the young generation who do not know him well believe that the former minister was removed because he is a Nasserite ,religious person who hates America ignoring the face he used to be our Military attaché in America and that Israel told Mubarak to get rid of him because he was re-building the Egyptian army !!?? already most of this talk is based more on the hate of Mubarak

Taken on the 6th of October 1981 minutes before President Sadaat's assassination in the military parade,vice president then and President Now Mubarak on the left hand of Sadaat and field Marshall Abu Ghazala on his right hand

The name of Abu-Ghazala appeared again in 2007 and this time in my opinion was worst than the Lucy Artin-gate because his name was included as a suspect in very high profile conspiracy theory in the 262143252_af328b614b assassination of President Sadaat by President Sadaat' Nephew PM Talaat El-Sadat ; the accusation which led Talaat to a military jail for couple of months , seriously what Talaat had said can be logic and in a respectable country there should be more transparent international investigation because I am not convinced with official 1981 investigation honestly ,anyhow El-Sadat opened his fire on Abu-Ghazala and indirectly on Mubarak , He accused Abu-Ghazala of taking bribes in arm deals ,forget about Women and sex here are much more deadly accusation of murder and profiting in very important position

people I am not surprised with this scandal if it is true ,here we are not talking a honest straightforward man like field Marshal El-Gamsy or General Saad El-Shazaaly , this is a military man from the kind of field Marshal Amar ,the only difference is that the man knows more about War sciences than the later . The important Question in our case if this incident took place , we have to wonder on how many decisions were taken by this man when he was turned on , it is dangerous because this means from the late 1970s up to 1993 decisions of Abu-Ghazala were taken not for the national security sake but based on another calculations

I do need to say that there should be an investigation because this is what should happen in democratic country !!!

Of course the man will deny the incident in media , the pens will come and attack the film as Zionist attempts to defame the general of Yom Kippur war ... bla bla bla I bet Mustafa Bakery will defend him in advance

Surely the film which will be shown in Egypt starting next 18th of February 2008 will be censored , already in the states the director cut off the dance scene , I bet in Egypt they will either cut the part concerning Egypt or they will not show it simply

Please watch the film in the cinemas near and wait from it in his release worldwide, already it is Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts film ,nominated for several Golden Globes and surely will be nominated for the Oscars


The history channel will show a special documentary about the real life of Charlie Wilson including the incident on the 28th of December 2007 at 8 PM and it will be rewind at 2 PM GET I guess , unfortunately I do not have History channel on my Cable channels ,you can check it here

Please if you can watch , watch it ,come and tell me how it is and what exactly they are saying about the incident

Or you can pre-order it from now

Here is the book which includes the incident from , I will add it to my book store too



  1. Thank u for the post..U did a SPECTACULAR job :-)

  2. i'll just wait for a decent copy and download it via torrent instead of watching a censored copy in the movie theater ..

    Another thing .. do you know any Egyptian politician or a man of power in post 1952 Egypt who wasn't corrupt ??
    NAME ONE ?

  3. One of the main problems of Egypt is the fact that Egyptians like to stick their noses in issues that don't conern them. A man's or a woman's for that matter private life is their own business, and it has got nothing to do whatsoever with their profeciency. On the contrary, usually womanisers and wine lovers are more capable of enjoying their lives. Thus, they are more likely to be profecient and skilful in their work.

    There is absolutely no need to believe that bozo- charile. Americans are known to be idiots in their conceptions of private life. They are too conservative in these affairs and they care a lot about people's sexual and private life. Which is not strange, given how consumersitic , superficial self contained and elitist American culture is. So I ma not really astonished that the book is a best seller

    As for Abou Ghazala in particular, in 1988 Abdel kader helmy an Egyptian rocklet scientist who wporked in Nasa was arrested in 1988 for smuggling missile parts to Egypt for the Iraqi-Egyptian condore 2 missile co project.

    It was a shock to the Americans who thought they had Abou ghazala in their pocket. But it turned out that the man was quite independent.

    Finally, the whole story is redicilous and unbelievable. Because Abou ghazla is not an idiot to be seduced by a cheap tacky belly dancer. Besides, strategic descions like providing military assistance to other countries are taken by the president after being thouroughly studied by intelligence and national security devices

  4. Great and informative article. it is very interesting to read all these secrets.
    Hopefully next month, my new book will include and reveal some more interesting details about these scandals.

  5. HI Zeinobia--

    Strangely I saw this movie last sunday. I haven't been to a movie in ages but we had movie passes and there was nothing playing that was worth seeing so we took a chance on it. We loved this movie!

    Excellent film. Funny, amusing, witty in that dry, sarcastic manner. Well scripted, great direction, smooth flowing and even paced.

    Tom Hanks looks great and delivers a stunning performance. Julia is Julia...looking thin as ever--almost too thin if you ask me and she doesn't have a big role in the film; the actor who plays the CIA agent steals the film from her if you ask me. She plays the typical hypocritical Christian fundamentalist who uses religion to raise funds and promote her agenda which is the security of the USA and the Promised Land from the evil communists.

    Re: the incident with the Egyptian general. We laughed our asses off at this. They do show a blonde attractive Texan dancer dancing for the then minister of defence in Egypt. The CIA character comments on how the Israelis aren't to be trusted. There is no sword in the dance. But there is another Egyptian character who does the actual negotiating with the Israeli Mossad agent, Charlie Wilson and the CIA agent, while the belly dance is going on. The minister really is portrayed as a sex-starved imbecile who is ruled by what's in his pants and really isn't aware of anything that is going on besides the dance. He leaves with the dancer and goes off to presumably spend the night with her. But in the film he isn't even remotely aware of what is going on with respect to the weapons. Another man is doing all of the decision making and negotiating. They use the dancer to distract the minister and get rid of him from the room.

    I don't know how much of this film you will see when it plays in Egypt but look and see if it's playing somewhere uncut and unedited on the net. Great flick. You will enjoy it.

    Interesting article you wrote. I remember how popular Abu Ghazala was when I visited Egypt in the 80s but I wasn't aware of all of the intrigue that surrounded him. I had heard that he was viewed as a threat due to his overwhelming public pppularity. Where there are rich and powerful men, there is sex, lies, money and corruption. International theme. Still I wish I could read arabic so that I could read that story in Rose El Youssef myself.

    In the film the deal is done by this Egyptian subordinate who is not named or identified ( we assumed he was the head of Egyptian intelligence or something).

    I have to agree with bird regarding the fact that I doubt that the Egyptian Minister of Defense had nothing to do with the decision making as is portrayed in the film.

    Really the end result is all that mattered. Afghanis eliminated communists from their country. It was Charlie's goal and with the help of the Pakistanis (Zia Ul Haqq), the Israelis and the Egyptians plus the right wing texan fundraising, the job got done.

  6. @anonymous,thanks dear

    @Zero effect, this is a good idea ,because I believe they will erase this part if it is accepted in the first place

    but the question you ask , to be fair there are many respected men wo were not corrupted in post 1952 and they are not few but as usual their echoes are not heard like the other
    you want names : men like Abd El-Mana Riyad, Mohammed Naguib,El-Gamesy,Saad El-Shazaly,Aziz Sadeky,Mansour Hassan,Hassan Abbas Zaki,Ahmed Badawy and many others just to be honest

    @Bird , I am sorry it is our own business because most of the times these private matters reflects on the official public matters , I do not know from where you get this assumption about the efficiency of the womanizers and wine lovers , as reality says otherwise , you got thousands of espionage cases about Generals and men in important positions who spell their countries holy secerts in the arms of the women and after drinking barrels of wine !! Who you have terrible decisions that costed countries millions of souls because of some sexy night
    come on for God Sake you got the Abd El-Hakim Fiasco and his men , the man was one hell of womanizer yet he understood zero in war

    about Charlie Wilson's book , first of all charlie wilson did not write by himself ,second it is not all aboutt he Charlie Wilson's sexy boudier adventures and arabian nights , it is about the history of a nation

    my dear bird our problem is that we think of ourselves as the center of universe where we are not actually at , the book is not about Abu-Ghazala , Abu-Ghazala here is a Shadow Character the American and international viewer do not care about and does not give damn for it
    Now to the incidents and reasons you said again the Wilson's war was between 1979 and 1982 , the incident you said is 1989 , second you are speaking about Abu-Ghazala as if he were the President of this country and acted on by himself
    with my all respect I said in my post that there is an a X part that I can't understand on why Charli went to Abu-Ghazala and did not go to the president

    @Dr.Yasser,I am waiting for you book Doc,surely it will be great

    @N.American princess.happy Eid and happy new year , dear these are tom hanks and Julia roberts together surely the film will be great , the film even puts more question marks on the general relation
    seriously there can be overestimation using the same old hollywood perception for the Arabs , but to be honest there is not smoke without fire
    Abu-Ghazala for sure had a hidden war with Mubarak not for the eyes of the country but for the opposition , he had a poopularity in the army because he wants to win them in his pocket , i do not know I just do not like him

  7. Kul sana wa intee tayiba Zeinobia. Inshallah may Allah give you and your family good health and much happiness in the New Year inshallah!

  8. "Really the end result is all that mattered. Afghanis eliminated communists from their country. It was Charlie's goal and with the help of the Pakistanis (Zia Ul Haqq), the Israelis and the Egyptians plus the right wing texan fundraising, the job got done."
    I don't think so..Americans are in Afghanistan..Pakistan is falling a part with real WMDs this time..and the world is much less secure than ever..But the story as told in the film is what some call Petit Histore..something to smile about but it doen't realy count..History is more complicated than belly dancers and idiots even if they -for some reason-were generals or even Presedents..on the other hand..Sadat -who is not an idiot- did give americans MIG-23 batteries of SAM-3and 6 as a gift to study..accordingly Isreali Fighters had the upper hand in a dofight with Syrians fighters early 80's..and did distroy all syrian SAM batteries in Bekaa vally knowing the frequancy they operat on..You see there is no angels in politics

  9. Hello Zenobia,
    I am the anonymous of comment one.
    I have just watched the movie today. I am not in Egypt at the moment so I don't know what have the Egyptians have censored!

    1-At the beginning of the movie they have probably edited some brief nudity scenes of Wilson in the hot tub with exotic dancers.

    2- Wilson meets with the Egyptian Minister of Defense, his deputy, and an Israeli official. He goes their with a U.S American stripper dressed like a bely-dancer. The deputy comments on that saying that he didn't see that form of bellu dancing before.

    3- The deputy recites parts of the Qur'an that contains an innuendo against Jews; which made the Israeli official mad!

    4- The actor who did the minister's role looks like a pre-1952 Basha, with his big mustache. He didn't participate in the conversation; he was so consumed in the dance.

    5- Wilson goes back to the USA, meets with the head of the committee that supervises the funding of Afghanis. The head says that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan are totalitarian governments who want to throw the only democracy in the Middle East in the sea. Wilson says that he Israel is also involved, and the guy changes his mind.

    6- I was frustrated that the movie didn't show that the Mujahedeen who were depicted as heroes in the movie were actually Al-Qae'da and Taliban. Believe me, most American viewers would not make the connection!!!

  10. @anonymous,thanks for spoilers which are important in our case ere
    wow Pre-1952 Pasha , man they did not care to get the real photo of Abu-Ghazala ,anyhow from what you said the same old image of the Arab-Muslim is used , nothing new , it is not like the new wave in Hollywood , it is an old wave
    about the Mujahedeen,it is complicated actually , first of all they were fighting the invaders the Russians in their own country and they did what they should had done ,they were heros then ,we have to be honest , they changed afterwards yes and by the way do not forget not all the MUjahedeen were taliban or the Al-Qaida,
    also during that time they were standing against the communists the enemy of the United states and so they had to be become heros , come on do you remember Rocky movie when he fought the Russians

  11. OOPS!...sorry for the spoilers. I assumed that u might have seen the Egyptian version!
    The Mujahedeen had a very radical hostile views from the beginning. Their war against communists doesn't make them angels; they are 2 fascist forces fighting against each other.
    Many of the Arab volunteers were fooled by the stupid stories about the miracles sent by Allah to destroy the infidels.(Yes, people actually believed that God is still sending Tayr Ababeel to bomb Russian tanks!)..Bin laden's group was probably the biggest and most organized (around 10,000 volunteer).
    Read the diaries of one of the Egyptian Mujahedeen published by Dar Al-Sherook and you will know what I mean ....

  12. i downloaded the movie from there
    it's a good copy both video and Audio
    i just surfed it and haven't really watched it yet

  13. @Anonymous, I remember that I saw a documentary in DW about an ex-Afghan fighter who fought against both Taliban and the Russians , a tribal leader who was leading a county , so not all those who fought the russians there were bad radicals

    @Zero effect, thanks so much dear I am already downloading it

  14. its just a another naiive story about a man who played around the egyptian politicans and the american everybody are you telling me he would fall for such an idotic way of seduction this is just another pathetic story hehehhe its really funny how you would fall for such a story hehhe a belly dancer to sign a contract or agreement or so that is like a story that we used to hear during childhood about men and how they seduced them to sign a contract or comment but the men you are talking about over here are better than us for sure they did a lot and the least we can do is talk about them in respect...stop this conspiracy theory mania going over the world.....californication.....salam

  15. very good
    i just finished the movie now (charlie wilson's war)and i was searching about this incident, and u give me alot .
    but do u know who is the deputy that was in the movie and he was the one who is talking???

  16. @anonymous californcation, please read the following post with more details and resources in Dr.Yasser post

    @Mohamed , do not forget that this is a film and the book is different from the film somehow , the name of the deputy unknown again I recommend that you read dr.Yasser's wonderful post

  17. Warning : Dont write about personalities that you did not take approval from. You need to have the right to write about them because they found out and u will get sued if this site is not deleted. You are putting yourself in a dangerous situation if u dont erase this site cuz you have false information. Dont play around with ur superiors. You have 48 hours to delete this site.
    We will come back to make sure its deleted.
    we know who you are and we have your information.

    do not reply for we are not interested. Just do ur job as told.

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    nice humour man

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    We monitor, Alert,report websites 24/7.

    we will shut your site down if u dont clear this article in the time span given.

    thank you.

  21. Hey girl,
    I read your blog , interesting .. but whats more interesting is the comments !!!
    that "WARNING" messages , i guess u gotta put down ur blog cuz there are those site inspecting companies that shut down my personal site 2 months ago cuz i had a tiny misleading phrase about this guy . I know its kinda funny but they are damn serious ! for real girl ..but dontcha stop tellin interesting stories though.
    F**** ** its really not worth having ur whole site erased just cuz of one blog...


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  23. OMG guys im just an egyptian girl AKA whore AKA zeinoibia or whatever that name is who cares who lives in the present with the glories of the past and hopes in a better future for herself and her country by talking bullshit about HER COUNTRY. what a well brought up girl in a pyramid LOL

    you suck

  24. why does everyone hate you so much ?
    poor girl i feel bad for you.

    Best ,

  25. Quite frankly, it is sad to see intelligent and effective planning by noble men to overcome unjust occupation be commented on by all you speculative, shallow individuals. As for the person who has posted this article and has even dared to enter the state of mind of these men whose efforts make it possible for his/ sorry ass to live free from the israeli loom of terror, just a couple questions..
    1. were you there (NO)
    2. Did you have any interaction or personal knowledge of any of these men (Fuckk no)
    Until you take your head out of your ass and actually read what is written in the books, don't speculate, comment, or dare to publicly announce any information. these are people's reputations your trampling on, and ones that took years and will which you or any other commentator will ever find.. thanks for your two cents, but this is all skewed...


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