Friday, December 28, 2007

The H5N1 kills again in Egypt

The Egyptian government announced yesterday that a woman "25 years old " who was called "Ola Yunus Ali Mohammed" died after being infected by H5N1 in Bani Sawif Governorate in Upper Egypt. she came from "Bani Haron" village in the Governorate. She entered last Friday the hospital .
It turned out that she was infected by house poultry she used to raise.
This is considered the 39th death from H5N1 in Egypt.
That was yesterday and today the ministry of health announced that there are two H5N1 Egyptians infected with H5N1.
Both are women ,yet one is in Damitta Governorate and the other is in Monufia Governorate , both were infected from their house poultry . They are in their Governorates' hospitals and their condition is stable and can survive insh Allah
Both Damitta and Monufia are in Delta
In the same Delta the ministry of Agriculture and animal wealth executed 12,000 chicken in Sharqia Governorate in eggs farm
It is strange for me because in the last year the outbreak happened in the spring time , when the weather was warmer , now it is too cold
The Women are the number one victim due to the fact they are the one who deal most of the time with house poultry
And the government can't impose any law to prevent the people from raising poultry in their houses ,it is just like a big dilemma


  1. It's strange that it is all over the place. First in the Delta and then Upper Egypt.

    Lots of Egyptian farmers raise pigeons and chickens and ducks. It's impossible to control this and people won;t stop because this is a primary food source. Even the wealthy farmers raise poultry.

    How could you control the spread of this disease. And yes, it's mostly the women who raise the poultry.

  2. @anonymous, you could raise of the people in better ways , educate them of how to aviod the flu, if you can communicate to them the dangers of H5N1 ,they will understand
    first you must know the confidence of the Egyptian people in the government is decreasing more and more , they do not trust the government
    second the economic situation which is moving from worse to worst to find cheap food they raise the poulty


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