Friday, December 28, 2007

Mubarak: Livni has crossed the line with me

Mubarak: Livni has crossed the line with me - Israel News, Ynetnews

Oh it is good to know that Mubarak still pisses off the Israelis and it is bad as usual to know that they do not respect or fear or him !!

The worse thing the man goes to the public and starts speaking about how rude Livni was with him.

If he is so angry and pissed off ,I have some couple suggestions which are much better than complaining like old ladies to the Israeli press :

  • Cancel the Abehassera annual circus this year and make the abohasera people of that small village in Bahaira happy for once in their lives,already the annual carnival will start soon and hundreds of Israelis arrived today to the village followed by thousands with a terrible freaking security that paralysed the whole village , not to mention what the Israelis do every year from celebration from drinking alcohols in a way that provokes the people of the village
  • Transfer the Israeli Ambassador from the Empress Fawiza Villa in Maadi to another Villa why not the villa of Zeinab El-Waikal a.k.a the exile and prison of President Naguib , you see the Israeli Ambassador moved to the Empress Fawiza Villa as his new unfortunate home in Cairo ,the villa is not owned by the Israeli Embassy but rented from the government , I used to think  that the Empress' villa turned in to school but it did not unfortunately , turning it to a School to teach generations is much better than renting cheaply of course to Cohen,the current Ambassador of the Hebrew state ,seriously either they return back the villa to the Empress or they turn it in to more useful buildPrincess Fawzia and Ismail Bey in their villa where the Israeli Ambassdor staying in now !!ing like a library or even a hospital .I do not think that the Revolution council thought for one second that one day an Israeli Ambassador is going to stay in it , already I doubt that lieutenant general Fawiza of 1948 will be happy to know that the Israeli Ambassador is living in her villa , by the way just piece of information this very handsome man who looks as if he were a  Hollywood star was among the Egyptian team that defended in our right of Taba in front of IJC !!
  • Raise the price of the Natural gas Egypt exports to Israel triple the international price which already Israel pays less than it ,creating a loss to Egypt
  • The Most powerful reply send aids directly to Gaza , open the gates and borders immediately and do not give a damn for anyone ,the Palestinians are starving

Come on President Mubarak is the President of Egypt ,the Symbol of Egypt ,Livni did not cross the line with Hosni Mubarak the human but with the symbol of Egypt and so the answer should not be a weak complain but a powerful lesson !!!

Oh boy what I am speaking about ,there is no hope

If Livni has crossed the line with Mubarak , this means one thing beside the fact she is rude ,she simply does not respect him , R.E.S.P.E.C.T

P.S : In the official newspapers the headlines said that Livni has crossed line with Egypt not with Mubarak !!


  1. take care dear,you are still here..

  2. Zein. ur blog became so slow

  3. Why are so crossed and upset? If everytime there is a diplomatic issue, you retaliate against the country's Ambassador, this will be the end of..diplomacy... Come, why don't you accept the fact that Israel is a FACT sams as SYRIA is a FACT or SAUDI ARABIA. Time to treat everyone equally and sto acting like a child ya Zannouba...

  4. Battal Agha,

    I am afraid I disagree with you Israel is not a fact, but rather a temporary state:))

  5. I was reading Al Ahram online and it discussed the civil disobedience of 2007. For Egypt was a nation of protests, strikes and sit-ins this past year.

    And it wasn't just the poor or the factory workers. Judges, civil servants and other professionals protested as well. The government backed down and gave into the demands in order to end the civil disobedience actions.

    Thus, it appears that the Egyptian people have finally had enough and in fact, do not respect or have faith in their leader, their president.

    How can anyone expect the Israelis to respect the Egyptian president when his own people don't respect him.

    He is old and part of an era long past. Most of his contemporaries have passed on (Hafez, Saddam, Kings Hussein and Fahd). He is yesterday's man with no great, shining accomplishment to leave as a legacy. Save perhaps putting his son in charge when he is gone. And that isn't much of a legacy. Just par for the course in the middle east. It will make him no different than the Syrians. And Egypt has never been like Syria.

    The fact that the Israelis sent a Minister to deal with a President should tell you that they no longer view him as a person of significance. They know his days are numbered and they know he has basically little control over his nation.

    Egypt is a power keg waiting to go off and the Israelis are concerned and probably more than a little apprehensive. They live next door to the most populated arab nation that is relatively well armed. They probably realize that he isn't the man who can control his nation anymore despite arresting all of his opponents and changing the constitution to suit his agenda for his son.

    And that is why they no longer respect him or treat him as if he is a leader of a great nation. He is, for them, a joke. An old joke that isn't funny and that has served it's purpose.

    Even more embarassing for him is that he let the Israelis know that they got to him and that they were rude. If he had ignored it, no one would know and Egyptians would feel slighted by their Israeli neighbours. So the Israelis are probably laughing even harder than before at him.

  6. Slightly off topic but since you were discussing the current "royalty" of Egypt and are interested in royalty Zeinobia, have you seen the show The Tudors.

    It's done by showtime and based on court intrigue during the time of Henry VIII.

    Since you enjoyed King Farouk I thought you might enjoy this. You can watch it for free online. It's actually quite well done.

  7. @AbdelMoaty , thanks for the advice ,I will take care

    @Juplia.little, may be because there are couple of slide shows on the page , I am sorry anyhow , I will check the problem , I am sorry again

    @battal Agha , I consider Israel as a fact and the fact is the Ambassador of any country when his or her foreign minister insults the head of the state he must pay the price in a way or another and he must act quickly to mend the damage ,which did not happen immediately as far as I read , the ex-Israeli Ambassadors were the one who attacked Livini , yet Cohen did not want to make his boss angry was silent !!!
    I do not act like a child by the way

    @Bird , well some facts do not always stay as facts ,it is a changing world ,old empires were facts but now they are history
    still for now I will deal with Israel as fact

    @anonymous, I agree 100% with what you said , in fact today my mom told me the same , his people do not respect why do think they will respect him !!
    YOu know what makes me angry is what you said "Even more embarrassing for him is that he let the Israelis know that they got to him and that they were rude" ,the weak complain to the Israeli press that Livni ,the Israeli woman younger than him by decades insulted him !!
    well I hope it teaches him a lesson that despite all what he is giving them ,he is not respected ,already in their TVs they made fun of him in the worst ways ever ,in a disgusting way , even I do not accept it

    @N.American Princess, it is not shown yet in Showtime Arabia , but I think they will show it in 2008 , already I like the stories of Tudors and Henry the 8th , there is going to be a movie starring Eric Bana and Natalie Portman "see Battal Agha, I am not a child " about him , my only problem is I hate JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS , I just do not like him

  8. You are funny, I smiled when you said you didn't like Johnathan ...true..he isn't who i would have cast to play King Henry VIII but then I'm not the casting director. He does a fair job even if he makes for a scrawny looking king. This guy shouldn't have worked out before that's the woman in me...

    It is, however, a well made series...last night when my dish went down i started to watch it online...i'm on episode 6

    Here's the website

    I warn you though that there is quite a bit of gratuituous sex in this of course, sex if you find this offensive, just fast forward those parts...enjoy!

  9. I am liking what I read, very informative. A welcome back potluck of current and local events facts anecdotes. I will stay tuned to your blog indeed, definitely. I like how you dotted the title case letters, I do that a lot my self.

  10. @N.American , do not warn dear , I know ,already I can reached to the age where I can see R-18 films lol

    @Samseven ,thanks and welcome to my blog

  11. Zeinobia I know you are over'm assuming you're in your early 20s but I also know you fast and pray. I just wasn't sure what level of degree of religion you practiced and if you got offended by explicit sex in the media. Mind you, it's everywhere now so hard to avoid it even if you try.

    You can also find it with better reception on\tudors

    Who knew the cbc put the entire season 1 on it's website and with no chinese

    FYI some weird messages come up on your blog when i access it with IE but not with other browsers. It keeps shutting it down for some reason.

  12. @n.american princess , of course I got offended by explicit sex which unfortunately is everywhere , I was not already a fan for sex and city when they used to show it on Showtime Arabia and even now when they rewinded but you can't help yourself not to watch important films because of it ,already I have a good solution just turn the channel in those few seconds to minutes till it finishes , already our media in the Arab world except Showtime Arabia censors the films , also the orbit I do not think they censor their films
    to tell you the truth it will be too much to the level of torture to see Jonathan in a sex scene ,lol
    I do not see anything wrong in IE ,already I am using it


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