Sunday, February 24, 2008

About Assam El-Hadri's escape

Assam El-Hadri escaped with his wife to Switzerland , these were the main headlines in all newspapers official and unofficial , with big bold fonts , if you are not Egyptian ,you will think that Mr. El-Hadri is a big tycoon who stole the money of the public or owns a ferry that sank in the red Sea ,well if you are not Egyptian then I have to tell you that Mr. Hadri is only a goal keeper , the goal keeper of the National Football of Egypt .

Assam has left Egypt with his wife secretly and headed to Switzerland to play in one of the clubs after his club in Egypt "Al-Ahli" has refused to release him from his contract and let him play in that foreign club , Ahli Club and its fans are so mad , they are speaking of treason !! This is the summary to make you understand the talk of the town now in Egypt. Look with my all respect El-Hadri is not a slave working for Al-Ahli , he is getting older not younger , he did not do anything wrong in my point view , he did not go and play in Israel for God Sake "I am an Ahli Proud fan by the way"

Now what is this on going media circus ?? Seriously did all our internal and external problems have finished so we speak about this fugitive !!

All this talk and anger for footballer !!??

With my all respect how many scientists in different important fields have left this country for good and nobody gave a damn for them whether from the media or from the regime or even from the people who is drugged and refuses to go to rehab saying No NO NO NO !!!


  1. 1/ His contract does not let him play in other club, at least not the way he did

    2/ It is a TRUE ACT OF TREASON, ((even illegal)), to leave the club without prior notice, and attempt secretly to contract with another club while the original one is valid & committing

    3/ It is a TRUE ACT OF TREASON, to desert Alahli when you are the champion of afrika & the best goalkeeper in egyptian & continential history, Al-Ahly who made Al-hadari

    4/ what Al-Hadari did is ot only Treason it is an utter stupidity, exceed what Zeidan did in worldcup finale

    5/ Al-Ahli will have to fulfill all his scheduled commitment with 2goalkeepers only (one of them is below 19) for 6 months to come, and that jepordize the whole team,...this is called a TREASON

    6/ based on all above mentioned & the size of Al-Hadari as a symbol of the Egyptian Team & Al-Ahli, the size of the Fiasco were logarethmically expanded, still justified

    7/ nevertheless the Fiasco is limited to the sport field, i barely see a covering of the story in any news-specialized media or non-egyptian sport specialized media

    8/ only a Nerd called Zeinobia wants to make a state of national emergency by mixing stuffs like sunk ferry, bad debts, intellect exodus with sport fiasco, and it is no wonder that we will never achieve any progress in any field or solve any problem as long as majority of public opinion mix issues together like a nerd called Zeinobia

    sorry.. i said too much

  2. Answering your question: No, all this anger is not about a footballer, it's about loyalty! It seems like this trait is a thing of the past... dah akheena ma sada2 le2a forsa, 3amalha w khala3! Why? Kona katmeen 3ala nafaso, wala yemken makonash 3agbeeno?!?! Khosara mosh bas "mafeesh regala", w kaman ra7 el entima2 w el wataneya!

    BTW Z, I don't blame Egyptian scientists for leaving Egypt and not wanting to return. I mean think about it, what has Egypt done for them? If it wasn't for the foreign institutions which helped them with their research etc.. they would be wandering in the streets selling koshary. However, Egypt did a lot, and I mean A LOT to it's footballers.

    Anyway, good luck ya hadary and Egypt is going to miss your cute dimples...

  3. @loudlaughter, Well Ahli did not lose and its goal keepers made in the last match fine without Al-Hadry
    Look all this is fine but should be discussed in the Sports page not in the front pages with big fonts where as the an ex-President dies and sent to page number 6
    with my all respect all the channels in Egypt spoke about the matter in silly stupid way ,with all respect did you see how many columnist wrote about him !!??
    I may be a nerd but I guess from past experiences the regime played this game before using sport to divert the people's attention from importants for example if you remember Reda Abd El-Al issue !!!
    I do not mix stuff ,but when I see people in the street do not do anything speaking about runaway El-Hadri where as the prices are getting high and higher and they do not nothing then I must speak about
    when footballers are more recognized ,respected and got paid more than scientists , then I must speak

    @love your blog , you said it this country did a lot to the footballers who did not reach to the world cup
    well Egypt is not going to miss Al-Hadri Hassan Shahata said that he will continue as the main goal keeper :)

  4. Don't you know that nerds rule...look at Bill Gates...

    U said it urself Z...Soccer is Egypt's true religion...

  5. @N.Americans ,Nerds rock as you said Bill Gates ,also Steve Jobs not to mention the Google guys , imagine the world without them , you know we can live without footballers but we can't live without those nerds

  6. Egypt will be soon occupied with a bigger catastrophe than Al Hadari's escape...

    The stupid ally between this pseudo journalist Farrag Ismael and the childish MBs who run that stupid website "Hamasna" is driving me crazy!
    Oh God. I hate Al Arabiya's website

  7. @ahmed,it is going out of control ,seriously out of control , for week now we do not have anythng except him !!
    I hate this disgusting website so much ,it is a real tabliod website made me disrespect the MBC channel altogether


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