Friday, February 22, 2008

At least they agreed on something

The Arabs agreed on disagreement , a very famous proverb when I checked about it I found out it was a very old proverb some are saying that it was actually said by the famous Arabic Poet legendary Al-Mutanabbi . This is proverb was associated in our minds as Arabs with the Summits held in the Arab leagues, you know the FM meetings and leaders Summits that never end on single agreement .

Yet strangely for the first time the Arab officials gathered and agreed on one damn thing ,they agreed on closing the only vent available for the Arab people from the ocean to the gulf : The Satellite TV channels

According to a nasty agreement between most of the Arab information ministers "The guys who do not exist anymore in civilized world ,who censor media" there will a Charter of regulations "so they call it" putting limits on what  the satellite TV channels should discuss .

They said that the satellite channels are destabilizing the general peace by spreading lies about the regimes, religious sects, hatred among the people , terrorism, magic and myths and thus they should be regulated . Very big general words .

First of all you must know that the two regimes that headed this massacre against  freedom of expression is the Egyptian and the Saudi ,the most two widely criticized regimes in the Arab world,the Egyptian regime is having enough from the Night News shows that expose its scandals worldwide like Cairo Today,10 PM and 90 Minutes not to mention Al-Jazeera which is above all, also Saudi Arabia is having a headache from the LBC and their coverage on the social affairs in the kingdom "despite the fact that 45% of channel is owned by Al Walid !! " ,they did not complain from Al-Jazeera because they already closed its offices and banned its activity in the Kingdom.

Do not believe the part concerning protecting the Arabs minds and souls from the stupid witch craft /fortune telling channels , with my all respect all these channels were bought from the Nile Sat company, a state owned company that follows the Egyptian regime,every channel must be approved by the State , in fact it is from the benefit of the Arab dictatorship regimes to spread these channels and thus ignorance will be spread and people forget about their rights and about their country. Already till now all these channels are there.

This is a political decision 100% made to protect the regimes like the Egyptian and the Saudi, already it is a very stupid decision , because these channels did not show except a very small amount of the truth , but what can we say they are even scared from this very small ,this is very small vent.

To be honest two countries did not like the decision, Qatar and Lebanon , Lebanon did not object but it did not like the decision , it criticised it , already Lebanon is a real free country with free TV Channels , such decision could hurt these channels which used to have no censorship what so ever , censorship is something not available in Lebanon in the same way like in the Arab world .

Qatar objected completely because of Al-Jazeera channel , you may know that the channel is actually owned by the Qatari FM himself , Al-Jazeera accordingly to the decision could be punished for airing what may consider an attack on any Arabic country , so the channel can be banned for what is airing 24/7.

I feel so angry that they are using bad general words to justify this stupid charter "to stop the attack on religions" with my all respect the main channels that attack other religions mainly Islam are the Christian radical channels in the Hotbird , an European Satellite the Arab states do not have any power on and all these channels are aired from abroad so this charter will do nothing concerning these very dangerous channels , the charter is obligatory on the Arabic channels that are aired from the Arab countries.

The official Media in Egypt is promoting for this stupid charter as if it will save the Egyptian civilization , it is not a big surprise to me but it makes angry and sick in the morning to find the official newspapers cheering for this charter.

The official newspapers consider all the TV shows and channels that are showing what is going in Egypt from bitter reality as channels working for the MB !!!

Rosa El-Youssef last week that the MB are editing the 10 PM TV show on Dream 2 , presented by Mona El-Shazely, which is my favourite, the TV show became an opposition newspaper.

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