Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Follow Up : Israa

Israa is currently as I hinted before in the Qantar women Jail in Qalyubia Governorate. She is said to be in the Crimes section with criminals , not with the political prisoners according to her lawyer Mr.Amir Salam!!
Also I read in that Israa is sick , she was transferred to the jail's hospital, she is suffering from high blood pressure "hypertension"
I hope she is fine now and that she will be released soon
To be fair today Al Masry Al Youm Chief in editor Magdi Al-Glad wrote a very power criticising column concerning her
Update#1:I found another news in saying that she was released from jail by the orders of interior minister after the rapid and dangerous deterioration in her health still I could not find any confirmation concerning this news from any reliable sources
Update#2 : Israa was freed last night at 8:30 PM Cairo Local time according to the news


  1. I'm surprised the bloggers and amnesty international haven't started a campaign on the net 2 get her released.

    Remember the attention the Wael Abbas youtube account received and it was reinstated.

    She isn't getting enough publicity on places like Yahoo news or That would get her released.

    Poor girl will be traumatized for life from this nightmare experience.

  2. @n.american Princess, she is free at last yesterday thank God
    do you know that I began to wonder about the same thing !!??


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