Egyptian Chronicles: Where is Israa ??

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where is Israa ??

Where is Israa Abdel Fatah ??

She  suddenly disappeared.

The General attorney signed her release order and she should have been in her home with her family from three days ago , but until this moment no one knows where she is currently.

She should be released in the Kasr El-Nil police station but her family did not find her there , a journalist from Al Dostor had a 1 minute interview with her during her transfer from the court and she told him that she was going to the State security at Benha in Qalyubia , the journalist told her family but but they could not find her at all in Qalyubia.

Her mother spoke to 10 PM news night talk-show live and she was so afraid , she cried and told Mona Al Shazely that the last time she had seen her daughter Israa ,the girl was so terrified.

It is not in the sake of the security boards to start playing these games.

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  1. if you watched Cairo Today at Orbit, You would be shocked,,.. Mr Amr adeeb said that she disappeared in LEGAL way..Although he could not declare Who took her.. the way he talked about these people was terrifying for any citizen..That what they want to make...FEAR...

  2. @little Sesame ,what is the disappearance in a legal way exactly?? is there a legal disappearance and illegal one ?? if it is legal why they do not announce it

  3. you live in a police state.

    wake up

    there is no law

    it's all corrupt and crooked

    let's hope they don't rape her to teach her a "lesson" like they rape the men with sticks

  4. where is she????

    follow-up, please

  5. كان الله في عون اهلها
    الملاحظ ان مايجري في مصر هو نفس ما يجري غي كل الدول التي تتبع اميركا
    الارهاب الاول والاخير في العالم

  6. @anonymous, I do not think that they would dare to touch because if she came out ,she will expose them and it will be a worldwide scandal

    @loudlaughter,I am already following the case

    امين و لكن لى تحفظ ما يحدث فى مصر ليس له علاقة بالولايات المتحدة بالدرحةالتى تظنها ناصر كان ديكتاتور من غير امريكا


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