Monday, May 26, 2008

The new face of Lebanon

The new president of Lebanon

Michel Soliman

General Soliman in the 12th elected President of Lebanon since the independence.

Here are some family photos for him and his family after being a president

Here is with his mother Josephine , I think she is so so so happy that her son Michel became a president

Here is with his family , the first family in Lebanon now for the next 6 years

From left to right

His wife , the Lebanese first lady Wafaa, then his daughter Rita , then him , then his second daughter Lara and his son Charbel

Good luck to Michel Soliman , already I liked his balanced speech yesterday in the Lebanese Parliament.

This is man may be like what America and Israel wished him to be , he mentioned Shabaa farms as a Lebanese occupied land that he would work on restoring it back . That meant too much to me because it is important that we should forget Shabaa is a Lebanese land

Also I respected him so much when he stressed the fact that Lebanon will not be a substituted country for the Palestinian refugees as you know from the alternatives that from time to time jump to the U.S administration mind that they could get from the Palestinian refugees and the right to return issue by putting the refugees either in Lebanon or in Egypt's Sinai. If you are familiar with the history of Modern Lebanon and the civil war , you will know that in the 1970s the war happened because of it ,so the Lebanese all of them refuse this idea and do not like the idea that the Palestinians camps have got weapons till now , they just do not like and they have all the right in that.

Good luck for the general and for Lebanon and just like Hassan Nasrallah today in his speech for the Liberation of the south anniversary I wish for Lebanon a peaceful summer


  1. You really need to stop using this garbage about the First Family, First lady, and First Dog. All these persons were not elected or were "elected" as a compromise to keep some peace. Besides, It didn't work for us since Sadat and his cronies imported it from America. And it certainly doesn't fit Mubarak and his cronies.

  2. The lady between the president and his son is his wife Wafaa not his daughter.
    Thank you for your wishes.

  3. @amr, just for information Lebanon always used these terms since the 1960s
    and here I do not speak about Mubarak , I am speaking about the President of Lebanon and his wife ,who according the official protocol called by these titles

    @Mona, sorry for the mistake , she looks young ,I though she was his daughter


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