Sunday, May 25, 2008

One more year

The emergency law is expected to be renewed for another one year by the orders of Mubarak and approval of the Parliament !! It seems that it will never expire !!??

Already I heard a very fearful future scenario from an activist friend that Mubarak wants the two laws : The future terrorism law and the current emergency law to work in parallel at the same time  so there would be no gaps !!??

Look I do not know how correct is that theory but I can't deny that Mubarak and his regime will not refuse such ultimate control.

For your information the Terrorism law was supposed to substitute the emergency law after the later was active for the last 27 years since the assassination of President Sadat .

The government was supposedly to finish the terrorism  law this month but it did not .

Thank God there is pseudo terrorism act here and there to justify the renewal ,it is better to be clear ,it is good they stop to fool around with the people , because people are not longer fools

Updates "26/5" : They renewed for another two long years !!??



  2. yeah I knew the cheerful news :(


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