Sunday, May 25, 2008

Then Compensate everyone including the Egyptians

I read that there are a group of Jews who used to live in Egypt pre-1960 are demanding the Egyptian government to pay a huge sum of money "millions of US$" as a compensation for the nationalisation of their properties in Egypt. It is not the first time I read this , in fact from time to time I find in the media there is a certain Jewish association which is going to sue to the Egypt for a compensation but this time it is making a lot of noise with the expected meeting that is going to take place in Alexandria "I read that it was cancelled and the delegation  from Canada was not coming for compensation !!"

Look whether this is true or not I just want to say something ;the Jews of Egypt were not the ONLY people who were nationalized. It was everyone from the A rich class of Pre-1952 era whether Egyptians or Foreigners ; of course Foreigners were nationalized in 1956 including the Jewish Foreigners especially French. When the laws of land ownership limitation were issued they did not differentiate between a Jew  or a Christian or  a Muslim , I got relatives in Upper Egypt whose land were nationalized. Same thing for those whose factories ,companies and stores were nationalized , my grand mother's cousins had a state of the art glass factory in Tanta which was nationalized and guess what it was nationalized after they imported very experience machinery from West Germany with the approval and praising of the minister of industry then "I do not know who he was but surely he was some officer". 

So the talk that they would go to some court to sue the Egyptian government for something that happened to all Egyptians from more than 50 years I think is nonsense , the Egyptian government should not be alarmed from it ,because first of all this government was not the one that took that order , second when that order was a discriminatory one based on religion , many high class segments were harmed from it. The Egyptian Jewish Community for sure was harmed but not from the Free officers orders but from Israel and attack of 1956 , for God sake look what the Muslims in America are suffering from till now , you are speaking about two wars with a hate language from two sides , the Jewish community is not the victim of Nasser more than the victim of the Israel and the Zionist movement

I feel so angry when I read that nonsense because I remember that WHEN Amr Moussa was the foreign minister , he said to some members in the Parliament that Egypt did not want to open the POWs file so the Jews would not open the compensation case !!??  With my all respect  this nonsense. WE CAN'T BE BLACKMAILED BECAUSE SOMETHING LIKE THIS, already we got a solid case in the POWs issue !!

Look those Jews should get over this , they were not the only people in Egypt who harmed financially from the nationalization and it is unfair to force Egypt to pay them billions now when Egyptians need every penny.

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