Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What happened to Dija ??

The first time the Egyptians had seen Khadija El-Gamal who became afterward Khadija Mubarak was in our World Economic forum/circus at Sharm El-Sheikh last year officially.

Khadija after marrying Gamal did not appear that much in the media, the expected upcoming first lady of Egypt appeared in the media very few times counted on hand ,it is a wise thing because people already can't stand her husband Gamal whose photos are appearing on a daily basis in all publications in Egypt.

Yet she appeared again in the World Economic Forum/Circus at Sharm El-Sheikh , I do not know why the WEF from all particular events she always attends , it is boring after all.

Egyptian people are wise and let's say all the people who watched Bush's speech and Mubarak's speech did not stop at their war of the words' only but how Dija looked , Dija did not look this young cheerful blonde bombshell she used to be at all ,she looked thinner and sad

Strangely some how these side talks found its way to Sharm El-Sheikh and next day Dija appeared with her mother in law the first lady in forum some how more cheerful then she appeared standing by her man when he spoke in the forum , still no body thought that photographers would take close up shot for her.

Look here are the photos and I leave it to you judgement "I swear she gave me the vibe of Amy Winehouse in one of the shots but without the black eyeliners,the dirty wig and the cuts in her arms"

81153588  81154707

81153710 81153724

Here are some cheerful shots for her


If you think these photos are ok, then check her old photos


This was last year in January 2007 when she had attended with her mother in law the first lady the Elie Saab fashion show for 2007 in Paris

Also from last year from the Sharm El-Sheikh World Economic Forum with her man whose first  marriage anniversary was also on last 4th of May "It was a blessed day by all measure; nuestro Cuatro de Mayo"


Now compared with the couple's image in Sharm El-Sheikh in the WEF this year after one year of marriage


May be they are much happier than this , may be because it was busy day still .. No comment

Look I again I feel sad and sorry for her

Seriously what happened to her ??


  1. regardless of her happiness with prince charming....it looks like dija has had rhinoplasty, collagen injections and a whole lot more....hmmmm money that can probably feed a village was spent on her face.

  2. btw the reason why WEF---------she's trying to be Rania ya Zeinab. Just notice the way she carries herself and dresses-----------------hmmmmm I guess they should get it over with and Officiate them like the hashemites......the Mubarakites.

  3. Don't feel sorry 4 some1 as rich and no doubt as spoiled as her.She has clean drinking water unlike many Egyptians and never has to worry about where her next meal comes from, the price of bread or gas or private tutors or how much her designer clothes are.

    She knew what she was getting into and this wasn't a love match..it was a business arrangement...an arranged marriage...crown prince probably has women on the side..plus she married some1 much older so she could have social status and a higher position in her society...Diana learned her lesson the hard way. Honeymoon never lasts long in these types of relationships and the farouk guy is prob right about the plastic surgery...so if she doesn't look so happy well it's her bed..she made it..she must lie in it!

    Notice: no children 1 year later...hmmmm

  4. @Farouk, I notice the collagen , but is not she young for his ??
    I do not think that she is trying to be like Rania , already the press in Sharm El-Sheikh said that she was trying to avoid press and many journalists wanted to make with her interviews
    already do not judge her way or her look with Rania's with my all respect to Rania , Dija's dad is much wealthier than Rania's
    she is already from the class that wants to be on latest fashion

    @n.american princess , I feel sorry for her either ways , because do not forget her father did not have an option to say no , she is his only child and he could not say no
    Yes there is a bargain but what would money if there is happiness??
    about the baby , yes I recall I wrote this in last October , it turned to be a rumor thank God

  5. I do love her hair. Maybe she can get out of what looks like a loveless marriage if he isn't put in place of his father when he father passes on.

    My aunt who loves gossip of Egyptian celebrities told me Jimmy was in love with Latifa the tunisian singer and that they were married orfi. Who knows. Either way u r right. Neither looks exceptionally happy and the casual blue shirt look can't hide the fact that he is a middle-aged, not very attractiv, balding man.

  6. Is anyone suprised that she looks unhappy....when her husband has been In Love with another woman...not Egyptian...for the last 5yrs. has daily contact with her & my source says has asked her to marry him several times over the years which she has refused. she doesnt like attention.... even its said he would resign for her............

  7. @anonymous, are you sure for that ??? because he wants that foreign lady "may Be British" he can resign and everyone will be happy , he will be happy , she will be happy and most important we will be happy
    it is not about attention but about the nationality , he is prepared to be the next president in a country no likes him in it , he is not Sarkozy , they may think that Egyptians may not welcome the foreign first lady

  8. yes sure,this lady is only a few years younger than him.
    I wonder why dija felt that she had die her hair blonde and have it cut in a an all most identical style? He has had to learn that his money can't buy him what he most wants....
    she recently refused to eat dinner@ 4 seasons with him because of cost used the money to buy bread gave to the street kids...

  9. @anonymous , wait a second , Dija was always a blonde bombshell even before she met Mubarak JR , this is something I knew from my own resources
    about about this fancy dinner , was that Dija or the first l' amour ??

  10. You are right she was blonde more what I would call a strawberry blonde not a golden blonde which we have seen over the last year.... maybe its unfair to say that. She is a very pretty girl but young & when you husband is more interested in a lady who has a child around your age..... the dinner was not dija it was several weeks ago the lady was making a point she took the money from him & left.... he was not a happy prince this I seen with my own eyes I heard the next day what she did with it.... it seems that they are often like this she has a very strong character & doesn't let him get his own way.. very British...

  11. @anonymous, so this first love is older than him wow ??
    well I do not see him very emotional , he is cold , very cold , well no anonymous as you seem to be knowledge with the Palace dark secert , do his parents know about the lady X ??

  12. Lallah Salma is much much more beautiful!!!

  13. is khadija full egyptian??


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