Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Bahraini Jews

As you know Bahrain is going to appoint its first woman Ambassador 2504_pol_p1_n3 to Washington D.C , Huda Nonoo.

Nonoo is not  unique only because she is a woman but because she is also a Jew.

The first woman non Muslim Ambassador from the Gulf state. I think you heard about this.

Nonoo’s grandfather Ibrahim by the way was also the Ambassador of Bahrain to D.C

What is new in this post is I found this interesting slideshow for the Nonoos and the Jewish Community in Bahrain in Al Arabiya Website.

Click here to see the slideshow

Unfortunately it is in Arabic ,but here is some quick summary :

  • The Jewish community now is from 36 persons.
  • The Jewish community in the same island lived peacefully till the war of Palestine , still their big departure took place after the six days war “just like in Egypt”
  • According to a Book called “The Jews of Bahrain” written by the researcher “Ali El- Gallowy” ; Jews lived in Bahrain even before Islam and the Othman empire appointed Jewish merchants in the administrations of Bahrain.
  • The Golden era of Jews in Bahrain was from 1905 to 1948 , they were 50 persons in 1905 and in 1948 they were 500 living mainly in Manama.
  • After the division order and the war of Palestine ,they began to leave especially after an attack on the Jewish Synagogue there in old Manama area.
  • Still there are some families that stayed including the Nonoos who are by the way originally from Iraq.
  • The Jews were specialized in trading cloth and textile and this is why in old Manama ,the Cloth market : The Jews Market.
  • Huda Nonoo’s cousin Ibrahim Nonoo JR was appointed in the Shura Council from 2002 to 2006 where Huda replaced him.
  • Last year Nancy Elly Khedouri published a book called “From our beginning to present day “ about the history of Bahraini Jew



I can’t find the book in , I think it is available in Bahrain only.


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