Sunday, June 1, 2008

Follow Up : Someone is lying , Someone is weaker..

Till now the people of Damietta are fighting the ugly greedy Agrium to protect their beautiful Ras El-Bur , till now they are standing alone not representing the people of Damietta or Egypt but they are standing as representatives of the people around the world who are fighting pollution and big corporations. They are fighting and they are alone no one in the world care for them , here I am trying to do my role to make the people know about the on going struggle taking place in Damietta.

You remember that I posted the news that President Mubarak ordered the transfer of the Agrium factory to some where else other than Damietta and I think I told you that the great people of Damietta demanded to see a written official form from this verbal promise , well the people of Damietta are now known to be very clever and cunning , well thank Goodness for that.

Till now the factory is not closed and it is not transferred despite the verbal orders of President Mubarak , the President of Egypt in which the governor of Damietta had informed the angry messes with from few weeks ago . It seems that the Canadian company did not care much for the President's order , it seems that it is more powerful than him , it seems that he was lying on his own people for the sake of the Canadian company !!!

I am afraid it is not the first time President Mubarak lies in it , he said in 1981 when he took the role that he would stay only for two presidential period "12 years" , and now he has been there for 27 years !!!??

In those two weeks every day more corrupted scandals concerning projects come to life , more attacks and mutual accusations from the Government to the company and vice versa. The company is trying to blackmail Egypt by the big compensation the Egyptian government will be entitled to if in case of the factory transfer or even closure despite the fact , the very important fact Egypt and Canada signed an agreement in January 1,1998 saying that Egypt has right to close any Canadian project that would pollute its environment!!

The company is being sued by several attorneys from Damietta and already there is case against the President concerning the factory.

The factory is not operating yet thank God , hopefully it will never operate on this country still Agrium is not giving up easily , it began a campaign in Damietta spending millions in vain to be acceptable in the community, well as I said in vain , people are still hanging their black clothes , they are still boycotting the company and the factory to the level they are boycotting their own family members in Damietta Community , I read that there is a father who expelled his son because the later is working in the factory , yes I swear.

Right now there are huge concentration of police and anti-riot forces in the city of Ras El-Bar and the factory after the people's threat to strike inside the factory

People please write to the Green Peace ,write to the international community , the people of Damietta need your help and support

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