Friday, June 13, 2008

Thomas Friedman on the Nile

I think Thomas Friedman was right and wanted Obama to get in to trouble when he wrote in the opening of his column "Obama on the Nile" in the New York saying the following :

This column will probably get Barack Obama in trouble, but that’s not my problem.

Well it is not his problem for sure.

I think as Egyptian ,I am entitled to comment on this column which is making a buzz online .

First of all I do not like Thomas Friedman at all.

Second Yes I think Obama enhanced the image of the United States of America abroad especially in the Middle East because he gave a hope of better relations then the crazy Neocon McCain and Hilary whom we already know and had our past experience with.

I do not know but I feel it is not about the Islamic roots or the colour of Obama that play the role in winning the hearts and minds of the Egyptian people. The Egyptian people are aware there is no big difference between Obama and Hilary or McCain from supporting Israel but they understand that Obama is the only one who can sit down and listen to the other side .

Yes there are many Egyptians who doubt that Obama would win the elections.

By the way I do not know whether Friedman was talking about minorities in Egypt and the middle East or the minorities in America.

AL Dostor highlighted his question to the Egyptians whether they would accept an Egyptian Christian president , honesty he asked the Saudis and the Iranians too if they would accept a president from their religious minorities.

First of all Obama is not from a religious minority despite his Islamic roots .
Second of all Obama , let's speak about the fact that even if he were Muslim ,there is nothing in the American constitution against them that prevent him from electing himself and already in that presidential elections we saw a Mormon.
Still the Democrats did not choose him because of the middle East or the
Third of all Iranians won't elect a Sunni not even a Baha'I in their current political system because their political system does not allow them too
Fourth about Egypt
There is nothing Egyptian Constitution that is against having a Christian president in perfect democratic conditions, of course I prefer him to be a secular one because the Church in Egypt is more dominant on its people than Al Azhar on its people with all my due respect.
Just little reminder , in our modern history our religious minorities have the right to vote since 1923 , where as the African Americans have their to vote in 1965.
The Christians were included in almost all the Cabinets since Sherif Pasha’s Cabinet.
Yes there are some tensions I can’t deny between the Muslims and Christians ,but let’s not to forget that these tensions are in the interest of the American administration “Divide Conquer” .

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