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Monday, July 21, 2008


Ok this is turning to a silly thing like that silly old game "Egypt - Syria"
The Egyptian regime used it as a means to launch an attack against Iran and its regime. It was a golden opportunity.
The Iranian regime does not want to say that it was a mistake and pretends to be a democratic Free of expression lover country despite the fact the producers of the documentary are from the conservatives.
Now Some are saying that Egypt is going to produce a film attacking Khomeini called "Khomeini,the Emam of blood", the name of the khomeini director that was circulating was Mohammed Fadal, to tell you the truth I doubt that Fadal would direct this film because he is a hardcore Nasserite who hates Sadat more than those Iranians.
I do not like Khomeini and when I was child I used to fear his images in the Newspapers and in the TV. I do not approve on his ideologies but I respect the fact that he is a holy man in the eyes of his people and thus we are not attacking a political symbol or an icon like President Sadat but also a religious figure regardless the fact we do not believe in him yet we should be very careful when dealing with him .

In my opinion , a counter documentary that defends President Sadat and shows his views to the Iranian people in Farsi is much better idea than this - our man is better than your man – documentary.

The escalation did not stop ,already it reached to the sports , the same sports that unite what was separated by politics , the Egyptian National football team cancelled a friendly match with the Iranian football team as an objection on the insult to president Sadat in that documentary. I respect what the national team did but it would be much better if the national team goes to Tehran and kick the butts of the Iranians and in the end they say that they dedicate their victory to the late President spirit ;)

Of course the Iranians issued a complain against us to the FIFA accusing us of mixing politics with sports. It is the first time something like this happens to us in the FIFA ,already I believe that there is a whole sector in the FIFA made for Egypt’s endless football problems !!?

It did not stop here ,the Iranians just get started , the production company that produced the documentary decided to produce a new sequel to it , I think it is silly I mean what sequel after the death of the President !!?

This is just the beginning. That production company in Tehran decided to raise the bar too high by building a mausoleum for Khaled Al Islamboly . This is too much ,seriously too much but any how those radicals in Tehran built a mausoleum for the Murderer of Khalifah Omar whom I recall was not a Muslim at all !!??

The justification is silly from the Iranian part , it is not about the Peace agreement it turns out that they are mad that we hosted the Shah from more than 20 years ago !!?? Not that only , it is because we are keeping the remains and did not return back to Tehran !!

Those Iranians do not understand that Egypt acted as she should be ,the Shah helped us in 1973 correcting that terrible mistake he had made in 1967. I see it as an irony that the only country that would stand for the Shah was the same country he was against for about 3 decades . Believe me I understand that the Shah was real bastard but he paid heavily like no other that he became an example in history ,still I do not think that we are insulting the Iranian people because death has its own respect. We are people who respect death so much.

Both countries should stop acting silly , it is not for the best interest of everyone.

Seriously we should all grow up .

Anyhow blast from the past , photos of the Shah funeral in Egypt and a part from the funeral film , already I saw it without Persian translation and saw how the people ,the Egyptian people paid respect to the dead as they always do not for the eyes of Sadat but because it is in our traditions

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

BY the way I have one silly question in the funeral of the Shah,the elder daughter of the Shah was not there , where was she ??

Shahinaz is the daughter of Empress Fawzia

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  1. Hey great video and images. I've just posted on the same thing over at my blog here with a clip of the anti-Sadat movie which is now online:

    I'm curious how much of this you think is real Egyptian outrage over the film vs.the government trying to encourage the controversy?

  2. @will, first thanks , second thank you again so much for the clip , I was searching online for it but I could not find it then.
    About your question , many Egyptians do not like the film ,they like Sadat but on the other hand they do not like how the government is using it to enlarge or increase the hate between us and Iran in order to Isolate Iran fulfilling the American agenda and widen the gap between Sunni and Shiia
    several writers and bloggers said that the Egyptian government is crossing the limit and it is not the first time someone attacks us like this , in fact Hollywood produced hundreds of films that insulted Egypt and Egyptians widely and the government did nothing

    The Iranians must realize that they made a mistake and the Egyptian government should grow up and have a life
    thank you again Will :)


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